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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
/// This program extracts localized date symbols and patterns from the intl
/// package for the subset of locales supported by the flutter_localizations
/// package.
/// The extracted data is written into:
/// packages/flutter_localizations/lib/src/l10n/date_localizations.dart
/// ## Usage
/// Run this program from the root of the git repository.
/// The following outputs the generated Dart code to the console as a dry run:
/// ```
/// dart dev/tools/gen_date_localizations.dart
/// ```
/// If the data looks good, use the `--overwrite` option to overwrite the
/// lib/src/l10n/date_localizations.dart file:
/// ```
/// dart dev/tools/gen_date_localizations.dart --overwrite
/// ```
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'localizations_utils.dart';
const String _kCommandName = 'gen_date_localizations.dart';
Future<Null> main(List<String> rawArgs) async {
final bool writeToFile = parseArgs(rawArgs).writeToFile;
final File dotPackagesFile = new File(path.join('packages', 'flutter_localizations', '.packages'));
final bool dotPackagesExists = dotPackagesFile.existsSync();
if (!dotPackagesExists) {
'File not found: ${dotPackagesFile.path}. $_kCommandName must be run '
'after a successful "flutter update-packages".'
final String pathToIntl = dotPackagesFile
(String line) => line.startsWith('intl:'),
orElse: () {
exitWithError('intl dependency not found in ${dotPackagesFile.path}');
return null; // unreachable
final Directory dateSymbolsDirectory = new Directory(path.join(pathToIntl, 'src', 'data', 'dates', 'symbols'));
final Map<String, File> symbolFiles = _listIntlData(dateSymbolsDirectory);
final Directory datePatternsDirectory = new Directory(path.join(pathToIntl, 'src', 'data', 'dates', 'patterns'));
final Map<String, File> patternFiles = _listIntlData(datePatternsDirectory);
final List<String> materialLocales = _materialLocales().toList();
final StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This file has been automatically generated. Please do not edit it manually.
// To regenerate run (omit --overwrite to print to console instead of the file):
// dart --enable-asserts dev/tools/gen_date_localizations.dart --overwrite
// ignore_for_file: public_member_api_docs
buffer.writeln('const Map<String, dynamic> dateSymbols = <String, dynamic> {');
symbolFiles.forEach((String locale, File data) {
if (materialLocales.contains(locale))
buffer.writeln(_jsonToMapEntry(locale, json.decode(data.readAsStringSync())));
// Code that uses datePatterns expects it to contain values of type
// Map<String, String> not Map<String, dynamic>.
buffer.writeln('const Map<String, Map<String, String>> datePatterns = <String, Map<String, String>> {');
patternFiles.forEach((String locale, File data) {
if (materialLocales.contains(locale)) {
final Map<String, dynamic> patterns = json.decode(data.readAsStringSync());
buffer.writeln("'$locale': <String, String>{");
patterns.forEach((String key, dynamic value) {
assert(value is String);
buffer.writeln(_jsonToMapEntry(key, value));
if (writeToFile) {
final File dateLocalizationsFile = new File(path.join('packages', 'flutter_localizations', 'lib', 'src', 'l10n', 'date_localizations.dart'));
Process.runSync(path.join('bin', 'cache', 'dart-sdk', 'bin', 'dartfmt'), <String>[
} else {
String _jsonToMapEntry(String key, dynamic value) {
return "'$key': ${_jsonToMap(value)},";
String _jsonToMap(dynamic json) {
if (json == null || json is num || json is bool)
return '$json';
if (json is String) {
if (json.contains("'"))
return 'r"""$json"""';
return "r'''$json'''";
if (json is Iterable)
return '<dynamic>[${',')}]';
if (json is Map<String, dynamic>) {
final StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer('<String, dynamic>{');
json.forEach((String key, dynamic value) {
buffer.writeln(_jsonToMapEntry(key, value));
return buffer.toString();
throw 'Unsupported JSON type ${json.runtimeType} of value $json.';
Iterable<String> _materialLocales() sync* {
final RegExp filenameRE = new RegExp(r'material_(\w+)\.arb$');
final Directory materialLocalizationsDirectory = new Directory(path.join('packages', 'flutter_localizations', 'lib', 'src', 'l10n'));
for (FileSystemEntity entity in materialLocalizationsDirectory.listSync()) {
final String filePath = entity.path;
if (FileSystemEntity.isFileSync(filePath) && filenameRE.hasMatch(filePath))
yield filenameRE.firstMatch(filePath)[1];
Map<String, File> _listIntlData(Directory directory) {
final Map<String, File> localeFiles = <String, File>{};
for (FileSystemEntity entity in directory.listSync()) {
final String filePath = entity.path;
if (FileSystemEntity.isFileSync(filePath) && filePath.endsWith('.json')) {
final String locale = path.basenameWithoutExtension(filePath);
localeFiles[locale] = entity;
final List<String> locales = localeFiles.keys.toList(growable: false);
return new Map<String, File>.fromIterable(locales, value: (dynamic locale) => localeFiles[locale]);