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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:mime/mime.dart' as mime;
import '../artifacts.dart';
import '../asset.dart';
import '../base/common.dart';
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../base/io.dart';
import '../base/platform.dart';
import '../base/utils.dart';
import '../build_info.dart';
import '../bundle.dart';
import '../compile.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
import '../devfs.dart';
import '../globals.dart';
import 'bootstrap.dart';
/// A web server which handles serving JavaScript and assets.
/// This is only used in development mode.
class WebAssetServer {
WebAssetServer(this._httpServer, { @required void Function(dynamic, StackTrace) onError }) {
_httpServer.listen((HttpRequest request) {
// TODO(jonahwilliams): test the onError callback when is fixed.
}, onError: onError);
// Fallback to "application/octet-stream" on null which
// makes no claims as to the structure of the data.
static const String _kDefaultMimeType = 'application/octet-stream';
/// Start the web asset server on a [hostname] and [port].
/// Unhandled exceptions will throw a [ToolExit] with the error and stack
/// trace.
static Future<WebAssetServer> start(String hostname, int port) async {
try {
final HttpServer httpServer = await HttpServer.bind(hostname, port);
return WebAssetServer(httpServer, onError: (dynamic error, StackTrace stackTrace) {
httpServer.close(force: true);
throwToolExit('Unhandled exception in web development server:\n$error\n$stackTrace');
} on SocketException catch (err) {
throwToolExit('Failed to bind web development server:\n$err');
return null;
final HttpServer _httpServer;
// If holding these in memory is too much overhead, this can be switched to a
// RandomAccessFile and read on demand.
final Map<String, Uint8List> _files = <String, Uint8List>{};
final Map<String, Uint8List> _sourcemaps = <String, Uint8List>{};
final RegExp _drivePath = RegExp(r'\/[A-Z]:\/');
// handle requests for JavaScript source, dart sources maps, or asset files.
Future<void> _handleRequest(HttpRequest request) async {
final HttpResponse response = request.response;
// If the response is `/`, then we are requesting the index file.
if (request.uri.path == '/') {
final File indexFile = fs.currentDirectory
if (indexFile.existsSync()) {
response.headers.add('Content-Type', 'text/html');
response.headers.add('Content-Length', indexFile.lengthSync());
await response.addStream(indexFile.openRead());
} else {
response.statusCode = HttpStatus.notFound;
await response.close();
// TODO(jonahwilliams): better path normalization in frontend_server to remove
// this workaround.
String requestPath = request.uri.path;
if (requestPath.startsWith(_drivePath)) {
requestPath = requestPath.substring(3);
// If this is a JavaScript file, it must be in the in-memory cache.
// Attempt to look up the file by URI.
if (_files.containsKey(requestPath)) {
final List<int> bytes = _files[requestPath];
..add('Content-Length', bytes.length)
..add('Content-Type', 'application/javascript');
await response.close();
// If this is a sourcemap file, then it might be in the in-memory cache.
// Attempt to lookup the file by URI.
if (_sourcemaps.containsKey(requestPath)) {
final List<int> bytes = _sourcemaps[requestPath];
..add('Content-Length', bytes.length)
..add('Content-Type', 'application/json');
await response.close();
// If this is a dart file, it must be on the local file system and is
// likely coming from a source map request. Attempt to look in the
// local filesystem for it, and return a 404 if it is not found. The tool
// doesn't currently consider the case of Dart files as assets.
File file = fs.file(Uri.base.resolve(request.uri.path));
// If both of the lookups above failed, the file might have been an asset.
// Try and resolve the path relative to the built asset directory.
if (!file.existsSync()) {
final String assetPath = request.uri.path.replaceFirst('/assets/', '');
file = fs.file(fs.path.join(getAssetBuildDirectory(), fs.path.relative(assetPath)));
// If it isn't a project source or an asset, it must be a dart SDK source.
// or a flutter web SDK source.
if (!file.existsSync()) {
final Directory dartSdkParent =;
file = fs.file(fs.path.joinAll(<String>[dartSdkParent.path, ...request.uri.pathSegments]));
if (!file.existsSync()) {
final String flutterWebSdk = artifacts.getArtifactPath(Artifact.flutterWebSdk);
file = fs.file(fs.path.joinAll(<String>[flutterWebSdk, ...request.uri.pathSegments]));
if (!file.existsSync()) {
response.statusCode = HttpStatus.notFound;
await response.close();
final int length = file.lengthSync();
// Attempt to determine the file's mime type. if this is not provided some
// browsers will refuse to render images/show video et cetera. If the tool
// cannot determine a mime type, fall back to application/octet-stream.
String mimeType;
if (length >= 12) {
mimeType= mime.lookupMimeType(
headerBytes: await file.openRead(0, 12).first,
mimeType ??= _kDefaultMimeType;
response.headers.add('Content-Length', length);
response.headers.add('Content-Type', mimeType);
await response.addStream(file.openRead());
await response.close();
/// Tear down the http server running.
Future<void> dispose() {
return _httpServer.close();
/// Write a single file into the in-memory cache.
void writeFile(String filePath, String contents) {
_files[filePath] = Uint8List.fromList(utf8.encode(contents));
/// Update the in-memory asset server with the provided source and manifest files.
/// Returns a list of updated modules.
List<String> write(File codeFile, File manifestFile, File sourcemapFile) {
final List<String> modules = <String>[];
final Uint8List codeBytes = codeFile.readAsBytesSync();
final Uint8List sourcemapBytes = sourcemapFile.readAsBytesSync();
final Map<String, dynamic> manifest = castStringKeyedMap(json.decode(manifestFile.readAsStringSync()));
for (String filePath in manifest.keys) {
if (filePath == null) {
printTrace('Invalid manfiest file: $filePath');
final Map<String, dynamic> offsets = castStringKeyedMap(manifest[filePath]);
final List<int> codeOffsets = (offsets['code'] as List<dynamic>).cast<int>();
final List<int> sourcemapOffsets = (offsets['sourcemap'] as List<dynamic>).cast<int>();
if (codeOffsets.length != 2 || sourcemapOffsets.length != 2) {
printTrace('Invalid manifest byte offsets: $offsets');
final int codeStart = codeOffsets[0];
final int codeEnd = codeOffsets[1];
if (codeStart < 0 || codeEnd > codeBytes.lengthInBytes) {
printTrace('Invalid byte index: [$codeStart, $codeEnd]');
final Uint8List byteView = Uint8List.view(
codeEnd - codeStart,
_files[_filePathToUriFragment(filePath)] = byteView;
final int sourcemapStart = sourcemapOffsets[0];
final int sourcemapEnd = sourcemapOffsets[1];
if (sourcemapStart < 0 || sourcemapEnd > sourcemapBytes.lengthInBytes) {
printTrace('Invalid byte index: [$sourcemapStart, $sourcemapEnd]');
final Uint8List sourcemapView = Uint8List.view(
sourcemapEnd - sourcemapStart ,
_sourcemaps['${_filePathToUriFragment(filePath)}.map'] = sourcemapView;
return modules;
class WebDevFS implements DevFS {
WebDevFS(this.hostname, this.port, this._packagesFilePath);
final String hostname;
final int port;
final String _packagesFilePath;
WebAssetServer _webAssetServer;
List<Uri> sources = <Uri>[];
DateTime lastCompiled;
// We do not evict assets on the web.
Set<String> get assetPathsToEvict => const <String>{};
Uri get baseUri => null;
Future<Uri> create() async {
_webAssetServer = await WebAssetServer.start(hostname, port);
return Uri.base;
Future<void> destroy() async {
await _webAssetServer.dispose();
Uri deviceUriToHostUri(Uri deviceUri) {
return deviceUri;
String get fsName => 'web_asset';
Directory get rootDirectory => null;
Future<UpdateFSReport> update({
String mainPath,
String target,
AssetBundle bundle,
DateTime firstBuildTime,
bool bundleFirstUpload = false,
@required ResidentCompiler generator,
String dillOutputPath,
@required bool trackWidgetCreation,
bool fullRestart = false,
String projectRootPath,
String pathToReload,
List<Uri> invalidatedFiles,
bool skipAssets = false,
}) async {
assert(trackWidgetCreation != null);
assert(generator != null);
if (bundleFirstUpload) {
final File requireJS = fs.file(fs.path.join(
final File dartSdk = fs.file(fs.path.join(
final File dartSdkSourcemap = fs.file(fs.path.join(
final File stackTraceMapper = fs.file(fs.path.join(
_webAssetServer.writeFile('/main.dart.js', generateBootstrapScript(
requireUrl: _filePathToUriFragment(requireJS.path),
mapperUrl: _filePathToUriFragment(stackTraceMapper.path),
entrypoint: '${_filePathToUriFragment(mainPath)}.js',
_webAssetServer.writeFile('/main_module.js', generateMainModule(
entrypoint: '${_filePathToUriFragment(mainPath)}.js',
_webAssetServer.writeFile('/dart_sdk.js', dartSdk.readAsStringSync());
_webAssetServer.writeFile('/', dartSdkSourcemap.readAsStringSync());
// TODO(jonahwilliams): refactor the asset code in this and the regular devfs to
// be shared.
await writeBundle(, bundle.entries);
final DateTime candidateCompileTime =;
if (fullRestart) {
final CompilerOutput compilerOutput = await generator.recompile(
outputPath: dillOutputPath ?? getDefaultApplicationKernelPath(trackWidgetCreation: trackWidgetCreation),
packagesFilePath : _packagesFilePath,
if (compilerOutput == null || compilerOutput.errorCount > 0) {
return UpdateFSReport(success: false);
// Only update the last compiled time if we successfully compiled.
lastCompiled = candidateCompileTime;
// list of sources that needs to be monitored are in [compilerOutput.sources]
sources = compilerOutput.sources;
File codeFile;
File manifestFile;
File sourcemapFile;
List<String> modules;
try {
codeFile = fs.file('${compilerOutput.outputFilename}.sources');
manifestFile = fs.file('${compilerOutput.outputFilename}.json');
sourcemapFile = fs.file('${compilerOutput.outputFilename}.map');
modules = _webAssetServer.write(codeFile, manifestFile, sourcemapFile);
} on FileSystemException catch (err) {
throwToolExit('Failed to load recompiled sources:\n$err');
return UpdateFSReport(success: true, syncedBytes: codeFile.lengthSync(),
invalidatedSourcesCount: invalidatedFiles.length)
..invalidatedModules =;
String _filePathToUriFragment(String path) {
if (platform.isWindows) {
final bool startWithSlash = path.startsWith('/');
final String partial = fs.path
.skip(startWithSlash ? 2 : 1).join('/');
if (partial.startsWith('/')) {
return partial;
return '/$partial';
return path;