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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This application generates markdown pages and screenshots for each
// sample app. For more information see ../
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:path/path.dart';
class SampleError extends Error {
final String message;
String toString() => 'SampleError($message)';
// Sample apps are .dart files in the lib directory which contain a block
// comment that begins with a '/* Sample Catalog' line, and ends with a line
// that just contains '*/'. The following keywords may appear at the
// beginning of lines within the comment. A keyword's value is all of
// the following text up to the next keyword or the end of the comment,
// sans leading and trailing whitespace.
const String sampleCatalogKeywords = r'^Title:|^Summary:|^Description:|^Classes:|^Sample:|^See also:';
Directory outputDirectory;
Directory sampleDirectory;
Directory testDirectory;
Directory driverDirectory;
void logMessage(String s) { print(s); }
void logError(String s) { print(s); }
File inputFile(String dir, String name) {
return File(dir + Platform.pathSeparator + name);
File outputFile(String name, [Directory directory]) {
return File((directory ?? outputDirectory).path + Platform.pathSeparator + name);
void initialize() {
outputDirectory = Directory('.generated');
sampleDirectory = Directory('lib');
testDirectory = Directory('test');
driverDirectory = Directory('test_driver');
// Return a copy of template with each occurrence of @(foo) replaced
// by values[foo].
String expandTemplate(String template, Map<String, String> values) {
// Matches @(foo), match[1] == 'foo'
final RegExp tokenRE = RegExp(r'@\(([\w ]+)\)', multiLine: true);
return template.replaceAllMapped(tokenRE, (Match match) {
if (match.groupCount != 1)
throw SampleError('bad template keyword $match[0]');
final String keyword = match[1];
return values[keyword] ?? '';
void writeExpandedTemplate(File output, String template, Map<String, String> values) {
output.writeAsStringSync(expandTemplate(template, values));
logMessage('wrote $output');
class SampleInfo {
SampleInfo(this.sourceFile, this.commit);
final File sourceFile;
final String commit;
String sourceCode;
Map<String, String> commentValues;
// If sourceFile is lib/foo.dart then sourceName is foo. The sourceName
// is used to create derived filenames like or foo.png.
String get sourceName => basenameWithoutExtension(sourceFile.path);
// The website's link to this page will be /catalog/samples/@(link)/.
String get link => sourceName.replaceAll('_', '-');
// The name of the widget class that defines this sample app, like 'FooSample'.
String get sampleClass => commentValues['sample'];
// The value of the 'Classes:' comment as a list of class names.
Iterable<String> get highlightedClasses {
final String classNames = commentValues['classes'];
if (classNames == null)
return const <String>[];
return classNames.split(',').map<String>((String s) => s.trim()).where((String s) => s.isNotEmpty);
// The relative import path for this sample, like '../lib/foo.dart'.
String get importPath => '..' + Platform.pathSeparator + sourceFile.path;
// Return true if we're able to find the "Sample Catalog" comment in the
// sourceFile, and we're able to load its keyword/value pairs into
// the commentValues Map. The rest of the file's contents are saved
// in sourceCode.
bool initialize() {
final String contents = sourceFile.readAsStringSync();
final RegExp startRE = RegExp(r'^/\*\s+^Sample\s+Catalog', multiLine: true);
final RegExp endRE = RegExp(r'^\*/', multiLine: true);
final Match startMatch = startRE.firstMatch(contents);
if (startMatch == null)
return false;
final int startIndex = startMatch.end;
final Match endMatch = endRE.firstMatch(contents.substring(startIndex));
if (endMatch == null)
return false;
final String comment = contents.substring(startIndex, startIndex + endMatch.start);
sourceCode = contents.substring(0, startMatch.start) + contents.substring(startIndex + endMatch.end);
if (sourceCode.trim().isEmpty)
throw SampleError('did not find any source code in $sourceFile');
final RegExp keywordsRE = RegExp(sampleCatalogKeywords, multiLine: true);
final List<Match> keywordMatches = keywordsRE.allMatches(comment).toList();
if (keywordMatches.isEmpty)
throw SampleError('did not find any keywords in the Sample Catalog comment in $sourceFile');
commentValues = <String, String>{};
for (int i = 0; i < keywordMatches.length; i += 1) {
final String keyword = comment.substring(keywordMatches[i].start, keywordMatches[i].end - 1);
final String value = comment.substring(
i == keywordMatches.length - 1 ? null : keywordMatches[i + 1].start,
commentValues[keyword.toLowerCase()] = value.trim();
commentValues['name'] = sourceName;
commentValues['path'] = 'examples/catalog/${sourceFile.path}';
commentValues['source'] = sourceCode.trim();
commentValues['link'] = link;
commentValues['android screenshot'] = '$commit/${sourceName}_small.png';
return true;
void generate(String commit) {
final List<SampleInfo> samples = <SampleInfo>[];
for (final FileSystemEntity entity in sampleDirectory.listSync()) {
if (entity is File && entity.path.endsWith('.dart')) {
final SampleInfo sample = SampleInfo(entity, commit);
if (sample.initialize()) // skip files that lack the Sample Catalog comment
// Causes the generated imports to appear in alphabetical order.
// Avoid complaints from flutter lint.
samples.sort((SampleInfo a, SampleInfo b) {
return a.sourceName.compareTo(b.sourceName);
final String entryTemplate = inputFile('bin', '').readAsStringSync();
// Write the sample catalog's home page:
final Iterable<String> entries =<String>((SampleInfo sample) {
return expandTemplate(entryTemplate, sample.commentValues);
inputFile('bin', '').readAsStringSync(),
<String, String>{
'entries': entries.join('\n'),
// Write the sample app files, like
for (final SampleInfo sample in samples) {
outputFile(sample.sourceName + '.md'),
inputFile('bin', '').readAsStringSync(),
// For each unique class listened in a sample app's "Classes:" list, generate
// a file that's structurally the same as but only contains samples
// that feature one class. For example would only
// include samples that had AnimatedList in their "Classes:" list.
final Map<String, List<SampleInfo>> classToSamples = <String, List<SampleInfo>>{};
for (final SampleInfo sample in samples) {
for (final String className in sample.highlightedClasses) {
classToSamples[className] ??= <SampleInfo>[];
for (final String className in classToSamples.keys) {
final Iterable<String> entries = classToSamples[className].map<String>((SampleInfo sample) {
return expandTemplate(entryTemplate, sample.commentValues);
inputFile('bin', '').readAsStringSync(),
<String, String>{
'class': '$className',
'entries': entries.join('\n'),
'link': '${className}_index',
// Write screenshot.dart, a "test" app that displays each sample
// app in turn when the app is tapped.
outputFile('screenshot.dart', driverDirectory),
inputFile('bin', 'screenshot.dart.template').readAsStringSync(),
<String, String>{
'imports':<String>((SampleInfo page) {
return "import '${page.importPath}' show ${page.sampleClass};\n";
'widgets':<String>((SampleInfo sample) {
return 'new ${sample.sampleClass}(),\n';
// Write screenshot_test.dart, a test driver for screenshot.dart
// that collects screenshots of each app and saves them.
outputFile('screenshot_test.dart', driverDirectory),
inputFile('bin', 'screenshot_test.dart.template').readAsStringSync(),
<String, String>{
'paths':<String>((SampleInfo sample) {
return "'${outputFile(sample.sourceName + '.png').path}'";
// For now, the website's index.json file must be updated by hand.
logMessage('The following entries must appear in _data/catalog/widgets.json');
for (final String className in classToSamples.keys)
logMessage('"sample": "${className}_index"');
void main(List<String> args) {
if (args.length != 1) {
'Usage (cd examples/catalog/; dart bin/sample_page.dart commit)\n'
'The flutter commit hash locates screenshots on'
try {
} catch (error) {
'Error: sample_page.dart failed: $error\n'
'This sample_page.dart app expects to be run from the examples/catalog directory. '
'More information can be found in examples/catalog/'