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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
part of reporting;
/// A generic usage even that does not involve custom dimensions.
/// If sending values for custom dimensions is required, extend this class as
/// below.
class UsageEvent {
UsageEvent(this.category, this.parameter, {
final String category;
final String parameter;
final String label;
final int value;
void send() {
flutterUsage.sendEvent(category, parameter, label: label, value: value);
/// A usage event related to hot reload/restart.
/// On a successful hot reload, we collect stats that help understand scale of
/// the update. For example, [syncedLibraryCount]/[finalLibraryCount] indicates
/// how many libraries were affected by the hot reload request. Relation of
/// [invalidatedSourcesCount] to [syncedLibraryCount] should help understand
/// sync/transfer "overhead" of updating this number of source files.
class HotEvent extends UsageEvent {
HotEvent(String parameter, {
@required this.targetPlatform,
@required this.sdkName,
@required this.emulator,
@required this.fullRestart,
}) : super('hot', parameter);
final String reason;
final String targetPlatform;
final String sdkName;
final bool emulator;
final bool fullRestart;
final int finalLibraryCount;
final int syncedLibraryCount;
final int syncedClassesCount;
final int syncedProceduresCount;
final int syncedBytes;
final int invalidatedSourcesCount;
final int transferTimeInMs;
final int overallTimeInMs;
void send() {
final Map<String, String> parameters = _useCdKeys(<CustomDimensions, String>{
CustomDimensions.hotEventTargetPlatform: targetPlatform,
CustomDimensions.hotEventSdkName: sdkName,
CustomDimensions.hotEventEmulator: emulator.toString(),
CustomDimensions.hotEventFullRestart: fullRestart.toString(),
if (reason != null)
CustomDimensions.hotEventReason: reason,
if (finalLibraryCount != null)
CustomDimensions.hotEventFinalLibraryCount: finalLibraryCount.toString(),
if (syncedLibraryCount != null)
CustomDimensions.hotEventSyncedLibraryCount: syncedLibraryCount.toString(),
if (syncedClassesCount != null)
CustomDimensions.hotEventSyncedClassesCount: syncedClassesCount.toString(),
if (syncedProceduresCount != null)
CustomDimensions.hotEventSyncedProceduresCount: syncedProceduresCount.toString(),
if (syncedBytes != null)
CustomDimensions.hotEventSyncedBytes: syncedBytes.toString(),
if (invalidatedSourcesCount != null)
CustomDimensions.hotEventInvalidatedSourcesCount: invalidatedSourcesCount.toString(),
if (transferTimeInMs != null)
CustomDimensions.hotEventTransferTimeInMs: transferTimeInMs.toString(),
if (overallTimeInMs != null)
CustomDimensions.hotEventOverallTimeInMs: overallTimeInMs.toString(),
flutterUsage.sendEvent(category, parameter, parameters: parameters);
/// An event that reports the result of a [DoctorValidator]
class DoctorResultEvent extends UsageEvent {
@required this.validator,
@required this.result,
}) : super(
label: result.typeStr,
final DoctorValidator validator;
final ValidationResult result;
void send() {
if (validator is! GroupedValidator) {
flutterUsage.sendEvent(category, parameter, label: label);
final GroupedValidator group = validator as GroupedValidator;
for (int i = 0; i < group.subValidators.length; i++) {
final DoctorValidator v = group.subValidators[i];
final ValidationResult r = group.subResults[i];
DoctorResultEvent(validator: v, result: r).send();
/// An event that reports on the result of a pub invocation.
class PubResultEvent extends UsageEvent {
@required String context,
@required String result,
}) : super('pub-result', context, label: result);
/// An event that reports something about a build.
class BuildEvent extends UsageEvent {
BuildEvent(String label, {
}) : super(
// category
// parameter
FlutterCommand.current == null ?
'unspecified' :
label: label,
final String command;
final String settings;
final String eventError;
void send() {
final Map<String, String> parameters = _useCdKeys(<CustomDimensions, String>{
if (command != null)
CustomDimensions.buildEventCommand: command,
if (settings != null)
CustomDimensions.buildEventSettings: settings,
if (eventError != null)
CustomDimensions.buildEventError: eventError,
label: label,
parameters: parameters,
/// An event that reports the result of a top-level command.
class CommandResultEvent extends UsageEvent {
CommandResultEvent(String commandPath, FlutterCommandResult result)
: assert(commandPath != null),
assert(result != null),
super(commandPath, result.toString());
void send() {
// An event for the command result.
label: parameter,
// A separate event for the memory highwater mark. This is a separate event
// so that we can get the command result even if trying to grab maxRss
// throws an exception.
try {
final int maxRss = processInfo.maxRss;
label: parameter,
value: maxRss,
} catch (error) {
// If grabbing the maxRss fails for some reason, just don't send an event.
globals.printTrace('Querying maxRss failed with error: $error');
/// An event that reports on changes in the configuration of analytics.
class AnalyticsConfigEvent extends UsageEvent {
/// Whether analytics reporting is being enabled (true) or disabled (false).
@required bool enabled,
}) : super(
label: enabled ? 'true' : 'false',