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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:pool/pool.dart';
import '../../asset.dart';
import '../../base/file_system.dart';
import '../../devfs.dart';
import '../../globals.dart' as globals;
import '../build_system.dart';
import '../depfile.dart';
import 'dart.dart';
import 'icon_tree_shaker.dart';
/// A helper function to copy an asset bundle into an [environment]'s output
/// directory.
/// Returns a [Depfile] containing all assets used in the build.
Future<Depfile> copyAssets(Environment environment, Directory outputDirectory) async {
final File pubspecFile = environment.projectDir.childFile('pubspec.yaml');
final AssetBundle assetBundle = AssetBundleFactory.instance.createBundle();
manifestPath: pubspecFile.path,
packagesPath: environment.projectDir.childFile('.packages').path,
final Pool pool = Pool(kMaxOpenFiles);
final List<File> inputs = <File>[
// An asset manifest with no assets would have zero inputs if not
// for this pubspec file.
final List<File> outputs = <File>[];
final IconTreeShaker iconTreeShaker = IconTreeShaker(
assetBundle.entries[kFontManifestJson] as DevFSStringContent,
processManager: globals.processManager,
logger: globals.logger,
fileSystem: globals.fs,
artifacts: globals.artifacts,
await Future.wait<void>(<Future<void>>((MapEntry<String, DevFSContent> entry) async {
final PoolResource resource = await pool.request();
try {
// This will result in strange looking files, for example files with `/`
// on Windows or files that end up getting URI encoded such as `#.ext`
// to `%23.ext`. However, we have to keep it this way since the
// platform channels in the framework will URI encode these values,
// and the native APIs will look for files this way.
final File file = globals.fs.file(globals.fs.path.join(outputDirectory.path, entry.key));
file.parent.createSync(recursive: true);
final DevFSContent content = entry.value;
if (content is DevFSFileContent && content.file is File) {
if (!await iconTreeShaker.subsetFont(
inputPath: content.file.path,
outputPath: file.path,
relativePath: entry.key,
)) {
await (content.file as File).copy(file.path);
} else {
await file.writeAsBytes(await entry.value.contentsAsBytes());
} finally {
return Depfile(inputs + assetBundle.additionalDependencies, outputs);
/// Copy the assets defined in the flutter manifest into a build directory.
class CopyAssets extends Target {
const CopyAssets();
String get name => 'copy_assets';
List<Target> get dependencies => const <Target>[
List<Source> get inputs => const <Source>[
List<Source> get outputs => const <Source>[];
List<String> get depfiles => const <String>[
Future<void> build(Environment environment) async {
final Directory output = environment
output.createSync(recursive: true);
final Depfile depfile = await copyAssets(environment, output);
final DepfileService depfileService = DepfileService(
fileSystem: globals.fs,
logger: globals.logger,
platform: globals.platform,