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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import '../artifacts.dart';
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../base/terminal.dart';
import '../build_info.dart';
import '../bundle.dart';
import '../codegen.dart';
import '../compile.dart';
import '../dart/package_map.dart';
import '../globals.dart' as globals;
import '../project.dart';
/// A request to the [TestCompiler] for recompilation.
class _CompilationRequest {
_CompilationRequest(this.path, this.result);
String path;
Completer<String> result;
/// A frontend_server wrapper for the flutter test runner.
/// This class is a wrapper around compiler that allows multiple isolates to
/// enqueue compilation requests, but ensures only one compilation at a time.
class TestCompiler {
/// Creates a new [TestCompiler] which acts as a frontend_server proxy.
/// [trackWidgetCreation] configures whether the kernel transform is applied
/// to the output. This also changes the output file to include a '.track`
/// extension.
/// [flutterProject] is the project for which we are running tests.
) : testFilePath = getKernelPathForTransformerOptions(
globals.fs.path.join(, getBuildDirectory(), 'testfile.dill'),
trackWidgetCreation: trackWidgetCreation,
) {
// Compiler maintains and updates single incremental dill file.
// Incremental compilation requests done for each test copy that file away
// for independent execution.
final Directory outputDillDirectory = globals.fs.systemTempDirectory.createTempSync('flutter_test_compiler.');
outputDill = outputDillDirectory.childFile('output.dill');
globals.printTrace('Compiler will use the following file as its incremental dill file: ${outputDill.path}');
globals.printTrace('Listening to compiler controller...');, onDone: () {
globals.printTrace('Deleting ${outputDillDirectory.path}...');
outputDillDirectory.deleteSync(recursive: true);
final StreamController<_CompilationRequest> compilerController = StreamController<_CompilationRequest>();
final List<_CompilationRequest> compilationQueue = <_CompilationRequest>[];
final FlutterProject flutterProject;
final BuildMode buildMode;
final bool trackWidgetCreation;
final String testFilePath;
ResidentCompiler compiler;
File outputDill;
// Whether to report compiler messages.
bool _suppressOutput = false;
Future<String> compile(String mainDart) {
final Completer<String> completer = Completer<String>();
compilerController.add(_CompilationRequest(mainDart, completer));
return completer.future;
Future<void> _shutdown() async {
// Check for null in case this instance is shut down before the
// lazily-created compiler has been created.
if (compiler != null) {
await compiler.shutdown();
compiler = null;
Future<void> dispose() async {
await compilerController.close();
await _shutdown();
/// Create the resident compiler used to compile the test.
Future<ResidentCompiler> createCompiler() async {
final ResidentCompiler residentCompiler = ResidentCompiler(
packagesPath: PackageMap.globalPackagesPath,
buildMode: buildMode,
trackWidgetCreation: trackWidgetCreation,
compilerMessageConsumer: _reportCompilerMessage,
initializeFromDill: testFilePath,
unsafePackageSerialization: false,
dartDefines: const <String>[],
if (flutterProject.hasBuilders) {
return CodeGeneratingResidentCompiler.create(
residentCompiler: residentCompiler,
flutterProject: flutterProject,
return residentCompiler;
// Handle a compilation request.
Future<void> _onCompilationRequest(_CompilationRequest request) async {
final bool isEmpty = compilationQueue.isEmpty;
// Only trigger processing if queue was empty - i.e. no other requests
// are currently being processed. This effectively enforces "one
// compilation request at a time".
if (!isEmpty) {
while (compilationQueue.isNotEmpty) {
final _CompilationRequest request = compilationQueue.first;
globals.printTrace('Compiling ${request.path}');
final Stopwatch compilerTime = Stopwatch()..start();
bool firstCompile = false;
if (compiler == null) {
compiler = await createCompiler();
firstCompile = true;
_suppressOutput = false;
final CompilerOutput compilerOutput = await compiler.recompile(
outputPath: outputDill.path,
final String outputPath = compilerOutput?.outputFilename;
// In case compiler didn't produce output or reported compilation
// errors, pass [null] upwards to the consumer and shutdown the
// compiler to avoid reusing compiler that might have gotten into
// a weird state.
if (outputPath == null || compilerOutput.errorCount > 0) {
await _shutdown();
} else {
final File outputFile = globals.fs.file(outputPath);
final File kernelReadyToRun = await outputFile.copy('${request.path}.dill');
final File testCache = globals.fs.file(testFilePath);
if (firstCompile || !testCache.existsSync() || (testCache.lengthSync() < outputFile.lengthSync())) {
// The idea is to keep the cache file up-to-date and include as
// much as possible in an effort to re-use as many packages as
// possible.
await outputFile.copy(testFilePath);
globals.printTrace('Compiling ${request.path} took ${compilerTime.elapsedMilliseconds}ms');
// Only remove now when we finished processing the element
void _reportCompilerMessage(String message, {bool emphasis, TerminalColor color}) {
if (_suppressOutput) {
if (message.startsWith("Error: Could not resolve the package 'flutter_test'")) {
globals.printError('\n\nFailed to load test harness. Are you missing a dependency on flutter_test?\n',
emphasis: emphasis,
color: color,
_suppressOutput = true;