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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:args/command_runner.dart';
import 'package:flutter_tools/src/base/common.dart';
import 'package:flutter_tools/src/base/context.dart';
import 'package:flutter_tools/src/base/file_system.dart';
import 'package:flutter_tools/src/base/process.dart';
import 'package:flutter_tools/src/commands/create.dart';
import 'package:flutter_tools/src/runner/flutter_command.dart';
import 'package:flutter_tools/src/runner/flutter_command_runner.dart';
import 'package:flutter_tools/src/globals.dart' as globals;
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:test_api/test_api.dart' as test_package show TypeMatcher, test; // ignore: deprecated_member_use
import 'package:test_api/test_api.dart' hide TypeMatcher, isInstanceOf; // ignore: deprecated_member_use
// ignore: deprecated_member_use
export 'package:test_core/test_core.dart' hide TypeMatcher, isInstanceOf; // Defines a 'package:test' shim.
/// A matcher that compares the type of the actual value to the type argument T.
// TODO(ianh): Remove this once is fixed
test_package.TypeMatcher<T> isInstanceOf<T>() => isA<T>();
void tryToDelete(Directory directory) {
// This should not be necessary, but it turns out that
// on Windows it's common for deletions to fail due to
// bogus (we think) "access denied" errors.
try {
directory.deleteSync(recursive: true);
} on FileSystemException catch (error) {
print('Failed to delete ${directory.path}: $error');
/// Gets the path to the root of the Flutter repository.
/// This will first look for a `FLUTTER_ROOT` environment variable. If the
/// environment variable is set, it will be returned. Otherwise, this will
/// deduce the path from `platform.script`.
String getFlutterRoot() {
if (globals.platform.environment.containsKey('FLUTTER_ROOT')) {
return globals.platform.environment['FLUTTER_ROOT'];
Error invalidScript() => StateError('Could not determine flutter_tools/ path from script URL (${globals.platform.script}); consider setting FLUTTER_ROOT explicitly.');
Uri scriptUri;
switch (globals.platform.script.scheme) {
case 'file':
scriptUri = globals.platform.script;
case 'data':
final RegExp flutterTools = RegExp(r'(file://[^"]*[/\\]flutter_tools[/\\][^"]+\.dart)', multiLine: true);
final Match match = flutterTools.firstMatch(Uri.decodeFull(globals.platform.script.path));
if (match == null) {
throw invalidScript();
scriptUri = Uri.parse(;
throw invalidScript();
final List<String> parts = globals.fs.path.split(globals.fs.path.fromUri(scriptUri));
final int toolsIndex = parts.indexOf('flutter_tools');
if (toolsIndex == -1) {
throw invalidScript();
final String toolsPath = globals.fs.path.joinAll(parts.sublist(0, toolsIndex + 1));
return globals.fs.path.normalize(globals.fs.path.join(toolsPath, '..', '..'));
CommandRunner<void> createTestCommandRunner([ FlutterCommand command ]) {
final FlutterCommandRunner runner = FlutterCommandRunner();
if (command != null) {
return runner;
/// Updates [path] to have a modification time [seconds] from now.
void updateFileModificationTime(
String path,
DateTime baseTime,
int seconds,
) {
final DateTime modificationTime = baseTime.add(Duration(seconds: seconds));
/// Matcher for functions that throw [AssertionError].
final Matcher throwsAssertionError = throwsA(isA<AssertionError>());
/// Matcher for functions that throw [ToolExit].
Matcher throwsToolExit({ int exitCode, Pattern message }) {
Matcher matcher = isToolExit;
if (exitCode != null) {
matcher = allOf(matcher, (ToolExit e) => e.exitCode == exitCode);
if (message != null) {
matcher = allOf(matcher, (ToolExit e) => e.message.contains(message));
return throwsA(matcher);
/// Matcher for [ToolExit]s.
final test_package.TypeMatcher<ToolExit> isToolExit = isA<ToolExit>();
/// Matcher for functions that throw [ProcessExit].
Matcher throwsProcessExit([ dynamic exitCode ]) {
return exitCode == null
? throwsA(isProcessExit)
: throwsA(allOf(isProcessExit, (ProcessExit e) => e.exitCode == exitCode));
/// Matcher for [ProcessExit]s.
final test_package.TypeMatcher<ProcessExit> isProcessExit = isA<ProcessExit>();
/// Creates a flutter project in the [temp] directory using the
/// [arguments] list if specified, or `--no-pub` if not.
/// Returns the path to the flutter project.
Future<String> createProject(Directory temp, { List<String> arguments }) async {
arguments ??= <String>['--no-pub'];
final String projectPath = globals.fs.path.join(temp.path, 'flutter_project');
final CreateCommand command = CreateCommand();
final CommandRunner<void> runner = createTestCommandRunner(command);
await<String>['create', ...arguments, projectPath]);
// Created `.packages` since it's not created when the flag `--no-pub` is passed.
globals.fs.file(globals.fs.path.join(projectPath, '.packages')).createSync();
return projectPath;
Future<void> expectToolExitLater(Future<dynamic> future, Matcher messageMatcher) async {
try {
await future;
fail('ToolExit expected, but nothing thrown');
} on ToolExit catch(e) {
expect(e.message, messageMatcher);
} catch(e, trace) {
fail('ToolExit expected, got $e\n$trace');
/// Executes a test body in zone that does not allow context-based injection.
/// For classes which have been refactored to excluded context-based injection
/// or globals like [fs] or [platform], prefer using this test method as it
/// will prevent accidentally including these context getters in future code
/// changes.
/// For more information, see
void testWithoutContext(String description, FutureOr<void> body(), {
String testOn,
Timeout timeout,
bool skip,
List<String> tags,
Map<String, dynamic> onPlatform,
int retry,
}) {
return test_package.test(
description, () async {
return runZoned(body, zoneValues: <Object, Object>{
contextKey: const NoContext(),
timeout: timeout,
skip: skip,
tags: tags,
onPlatform: onPlatform,
retry: retry,
testOn: testOn,
/// An implementation of [AppContext] that throws if context.get is called in the test.
/// The intention of the class is to ensure we do not accidentally regress when
/// moving towards more explicit dependency injection by accidentally using
/// a Zone value in place of a constructor parameter.
class NoContext implements AppContext {
const NoContext();
T get<T>() {
throw UnsupportedError(
'context.get<$T> is not supported in test methods. '
'Use Testbed or testUsingContext if accessing Zone injected '
String get name => 'No Context';
Future<V> run<V>({
FutureOr<V> Function() body,
String name,
Map<Type, Generator> overrides,
Map<Type, Generator> fallbacks,
ZoneSpecification zoneSpecification,
}) async {
return body();