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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'banner_theme.dart';
import 'button_bar.dart';
import 'button_theme.dart';
import 'divider.dart';
import 'theme.dart';
/// A Material Design banner.
/// A banner displays an important, succinct message, and provides actions for
/// users to address (or dismiss the banner). A user action is required for it
/// to be dismissed.
/// Banners should be displayed at the top of the screen, below a top app bar.
/// They are persistent and nonmodal, allowing the user to either ignore them or
/// interact with them at any time.
/// The [actions] will be placed beside the [content] if there is only one.
/// Otherwise, the [actions] will be placed below the [content]. Use
/// [forceActionsBelow] to override this behavior.
/// The [actions] and [content] must be provided. An optional leading widget
/// (typically an [Image]) can also be provided. The [contentTextStyle] and
/// [backgroundColor] can be provided to customize the banner.
/// This widget is unrelated to the widgets library [Banner] widget.
class MaterialBanner extends StatelessWidget {
/// Creates a [MaterialBanner].
/// The [actions], [content], and [forceActionsBelow] must be non-null.
/// The [actions.length] must be greater than 0.
const MaterialBanner({
Key key,
@required this.content,
@required this.actions,
this.forceActionsBelow = false,
}) : assert(content != null),
assert(actions != null),
assert(forceActionsBelow != null),
super(key: key);
/// The content of the [MaterialBanner].
/// Typically a [Text] widget.
final Widget content;
/// Style for the text in the [content] of the [MaterialBanner].
/// If `null`, [MaterialBannerThemeData.contentTextStyle] is used. If that is
/// also `null`, [ThemeData.textTheme.body1] is used.
final TextStyle contentTextStyle;
/// The set of actions that are displayed at the bottom or trailing side of
/// the [MaterialBanner].
/// Typically this is a list of [FlatButton] widgets.
/// These widgets will be wrapped in a [ButtonBar], which introduces 8 pixels
/// of padding on each side.
final List<Widget> actions;
/// The (optional) leading widget of the [MaterialBanner].
/// Typically an [Icon] widget.
final Widget leading;
/// The color of the surface of this [MaterialBanner].
/// If `null`, [MaterialBannerThemeData.backgroundColor] is used. If that is
/// also `null`, [ThemeData.colorScheme.surface] is used.
final Color backgroundColor;
/// The amount of space by which to inset the [content].
/// If the [actions] are below the [content], this defaults to
/// `EdgeInsetsDirectional.only(start: 16.0, top: 24.0, end: 16.0, bottom: 4.0)`.
/// If the [actions] are trailing the [content], this defaults to
/// `EdgeInsetsDirectional.only(start: 16.0, top: 2.0)`.
final EdgeInsetsGeometry padding;
/// The amount of space by which to inset the [leading] widget.
/// This defaults to `EdgeInsetsDirectional.only(end: 16.0)`.
final EdgeInsetsGeometry leadingPadding;
/// An override to force the [actions] to be below the [content] regardless of
/// how many there are.
/// If this is `true`, the [actions] will be placed below the [content]. If
/// this is `false`, the [actions] will be placed on the trailing side of the
/// [content] if [actions.length] is `1` and below the [content] if greater
/// than `1`.
final bool forceActionsBelow;
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
final ThemeData theme = Theme.of(context);
final MaterialBannerThemeData bannerTheme = MaterialBannerTheme.of(context);
final bool isSingleRow = actions.length == 1 && !forceActionsBelow;
final EdgeInsetsGeometry padding = this.padding ?? bannerTheme.padding ?? (isSingleRow
? const EdgeInsetsDirectional.only(start: 16.0, top: 2.0)
: const EdgeInsetsDirectional.only(start: 16.0, top: 24.0, end: 16.0, bottom: 4.0));
final EdgeInsetsGeometry leadingPadding = this.leadingPadding
?? bannerTheme.padding
?? const EdgeInsetsDirectional.only(end: 16.0);
final Widget buttonBar = ButtonBar(
layoutBehavior: ButtonBarLayoutBehavior.constrained,
children: actions,
final Color backgroundColor = this.backgroundColor
?? bannerTheme.backgroundColor
?? theme.colorScheme.surface;
final TextStyle textStyle = contentTextStyle
?? bannerTheme.contentTextStyle
?? theme.textTheme.body1;
return Container(
color: backgroundColor,
child: Column(
children: <Widget>[
padding: padding,
child: Row(
children: <Widget>[
if (leading != null)
padding: leadingPadding,
child: leading,
child: DefaultTextStyle(
style: textStyle,
child: content,
if (isSingleRow)
if (!isSingleRow)
const Divider(height: 0),