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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:ui' show lerpDouble;
import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
import 'package:flutter/rendering.dart';
import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'theme.dart';
/// Defines the color and border properties of [ToggleButtons] widgets.
/// Used by [ToggleButtonsTheme] to control the color and border properties
/// of toggle buttons in a widget subtree.
/// To obtain the current [ToggleButtonsTheme], use [ToggleButtonsTheme.of].
/// Values specified here are used for [ToggleButtons] properties that are not
/// given an explicit non-null value.
/// See also:
/// * [ToggleButtonsTheme], which describes the actual configuration of a
/// toggle buttons theme.
class ToggleButtonsThemeData extends Diagnosticable {
/// Creates the set of color and border properties used to configure
/// [ToggleButtons].
const ToggleButtonsThemeData({
/// The default text style for [ToggleButtons.children].
/// [TextStyle.color] will be ignored and substituted by [color],
/// [selectedColor] or [disabledColor] depending on whether the buttons
/// are active, selected, or disabled.
final TextStyle textStyle;
/// The color for descendant [Text] and [Icon] widgets if the toggle button
/// is enabled.
final Color color;
/// The color for descendant [Text] and [Icon] widgets if the toggle button
/// is selected.
final Color selectedColor;
/// The color for descendant [Text] and [Icon] widgets if the toggle button
/// is disabled.
final Color disabledColor;
/// The fill color for selected toggle buttons.
final Color fillColor;
/// The color to use for filling the button when the button has input focus.
final Color focusColor;
/// The highlight color for the toggle button's [InkWell].
final Color highlightColor;
/// The splash color for the toggle button's [InkWell].
final Color splashColor;
/// The color to use for filling the toggle button when the button has a
/// pointer hovering over it.
final Color hoverColor;
/// The border color to display when the toggle button is enabled.
final Color borderColor;
/// The border color to display when the toggle button is selected.
final Color selectedBorderColor;
/// The border color to display when the toggle button is disabled.
final Color disabledBorderColor;
/// The width of the border surrounding each toggle button.
/// This applies to both the greater surrounding border, as well as the
/// borders dividing each toggle button.
/// To render a hairline border (one physical pixel), set borderWidth to 0.0.
/// See [BorderSide.width] for more details on hairline borders.
final double borderWidth;
/// The radii of the border's corners.
final BorderRadius borderRadius;
/// Creates a copy of this object but with the given fields replaced with the
/// new values.
ToggleButtonsThemeData copyWith({
TextStyle textStyle,
Color color,
Color selectedColor,
Color disabledColor,
Color fillColor,
Color focusColor,
Color highlightColor,
Color hoverColor,
Color splashColor,
Color borderColor,
Color selectedBorderColor,
Color disabledBorderColor,
BorderRadius borderRadius,
double borderWidth,
}) {
return ToggleButtonsThemeData(
textStyle: textStyle ?? this.textStyle,
color: color ?? this.color,
selectedColor: selectedColor ?? this.selectedColor,
disabledColor: disabledColor ?? this.disabledColor,
fillColor: fillColor ?? this.fillColor,
focusColor: focusColor ?? this.focusColor,
highlightColor: highlightColor ?? this.highlightColor,
hoverColor: hoverColor ?? this.hoverColor,
splashColor: splashColor ?? this.splashColor,
borderColor: borderColor ?? this.borderColor,
selectedBorderColor: selectedBorderColor ?? this.selectedBorderColor,
disabledBorderColor: disabledBorderColor ?? this.disabledBorderColor,
borderRadius: borderRadius ?? this.borderRadius,
borderWidth: borderWidth ?? this.borderWidth,
/// Linearly interpolate between two toggle buttons themes.
static ToggleButtonsThemeData lerp(ToggleButtonsThemeData a, ToggleButtonsThemeData b, double t) {
assert (t != null);
if (a == null && b == null)
return null;
return ToggleButtonsThemeData(
textStyle: TextStyle.lerp(a?.textStyle, b?.textStyle, t),
color: Color.lerp(a?.color, b?.color, t),
selectedColor: Color.lerp(a?.selectedColor, b?.selectedColor, t),
disabledColor: Color.lerp(a?.disabledColor, b?.disabledColor, t),
fillColor: Color.lerp(a?.fillColor, b?.fillColor, t),
focusColor: Color.lerp(a?.focusColor, b?.focusColor, t),
highlightColor: Color.lerp(a?.highlightColor, b?.highlightColor, t),
hoverColor: Color.lerp(a?.hoverColor, b?.hoverColor, t),
splashColor: Color.lerp(a?.splashColor, b?.splashColor, t),
borderColor: Color.lerp(a?.borderColor, b?.borderColor, t),
selectedBorderColor: Color.lerp(a?.selectedBorderColor, b?.selectedBorderColor, t),
disabledBorderColor: Color.lerp(a?.disabledBorderColor, b?.disabledBorderColor, t),
borderRadius: BorderRadius.lerp(a?.borderRadius, b?.borderRadius, t),
borderWidth: lerpDouble(a?.borderWidth, b?.borderWidth, t),
int get hashCode {
return hashValues(
bool operator ==(Object other) {
if (identical(this, other))
return true;
if (other.runtimeType != runtimeType)
return false;
final ToggleButtonsThemeData typedOther = other;
return typedOther.textStyle == textStyle
&& typedOther.color == color
&& typedOther.selectedColor == selectedColor
&& typedOther.disabledColor == disabledColor
&& typedOther.fillColor == fillColor
&& typedOther.focusColor == focusColor
&& typedOther.highlightColor == highlightColor
&& typedOther.hoverColor == hoverColor
&& typedOther.splashColor == splashColor
&& typedOther.borderColor == borderColor
&& typedOther.selectedBorderColor == selectedBorderColor
&& typedOther.disabledBorderColor == disabledBorderColor
&& typedOther.borderRadius == borderRadius
&& typedOther.borderWidth == borderWidth;
void debugFillProperties(DiagnosticPropertiesBuilder properties) {
textStyle?.debugFillProperties(properties, prefix: 'textStyle.');
properties.add(ColorProperty('color', color, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('selectedColor', selectedColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('disabledColor', disabledColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('fillColor', fillColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('focusColor', focusColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('highlightColor', highlightColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('hoverColor', hoverColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('splashColor', splashColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('borderColor', borderColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('selectedBorderColor', selectedBorderColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('disabledBorderColor', disabledBorderColor, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(DiagnosticsProperty<BorderRadius>('borderRadius', borderRadius, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(DoubleProperty('borderWidth', borderWidth, defaultValue: null));
/// An inherited widget that defines color and border parameters for
/// [ToggleButtons] in this widget's subtree.
/// Values specified here are used for [ToggleButtons] properties that are not
/// given an explicit non-null value.
class ToggleButtonsTheme extends InheritedTheme {
/// Creates a toggle buttons theme that controls the color and border
/// parameters for [ToggleButtons].
/// The data argument must not be null.
const ToggleButtonsTheme({
Key key,
Widget child,
}) : assert(data != null), super(key: key, child: child);
/// Specifies the color and border values for descendant [ToggleButtons] widgets.
final ToggleButtonsThemeData data;
/// The closest instance of this class that encloses the given context.
/// If there is no enclosing [ToggleButtonsTheme] widget, then
/// [ThemeData.toggleButtonsTheme] is used.
/// Typical usage is as follows:
/// ```dart
/// ToggleButtonsTheme theme = ToggleButtonsTheme.of(context);
/// ```
static ToggleButtonsThemeData of(BuildContext context) {
final ToggleButtonsTheme toggleButtonsTheme = context.inheritFromWidgetOfExactType(ToggleButtonsTheme);
return toggleButtonsTheme?.data ?? Theme.of(context).toggleButtonsTheme;
Widget wrap(BuildContext context, Widget child) {
final ToggleButtonsTheme ancestorTheme = context.ancestorWidgetOfExactType(ToggleButtonsTheme);
return identical(this, ancestorTheme) ? child : ToggleButtonsTheme(data: data, child: child);
bool updateShouldNotify(ToggleButtonsTheme oldWidget) => data !=;