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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
part of google_maps_flutter_web;
/// This class manages all the [CircleController]s associated to a [GoogleMapController].
class CirclesController extends GeometryController {
/// Initialize the cache. The [StreamController] comes from the [GoogleMapController], and is shared with other controllers.
required StreamController<MapEvent<Object?>> stream,
}) : _streamController = stream,
_circleIdToController = <CircleId, CircleController>{};
// A cache of [CircleController]s indexed by their [CircleId].
final Map<CircleId, CircleController> _circleIdToController;
// The stream over which circles broadcast their events
final StreamController<MapEvent<Object?>> _streamController;
/// Returns the cache of [CircleController]s. Test only.
Map<CircleId, CircleController> get circles => _circleIdToController;
/// Adds a set of [Circle] objects to the cache.
/// Wraps each [Circle] into its corresponding [CircleController].
void addCircles(Set<Circle> circlesToAdd) {
void _addCircle(Circle circle) {
final gmaps.CircleOptions circleOptions = _circleOptionsFromCircle(circle);
final gmaps.Circle gmCircle = gmaps.Circle(circleOptions) = googleMap;
final CircleController controller = CircleController(
circle: gmCircle,
consumeTapEvents: circle.consumeTapEvents,
onTap: () {
_circleIdToController[circle.circleId] = controller;
/// Updates a set of [Circle] objects with new options.
void changeCircles(Set<Circle> circlesToChange) {
void _changeCircle(Circle circle) {
final CircleController? circleController =
/// Removes a set of [CircleId]s from the cache.
void removeCircles(Set<CircleId> circleIdsToRemove) {
// Removes a circle and its controller by its [CircleId].
void _removeCircle(CircleId circleId) {
final CircleController? circleController = _circleIdToController[circleId];
// Handles the global onCircleTap function to funnel events from circles into the stream.
bool _onCircleTap(CircleId circleId) {
// Have you ended here on your debugging? Is this wrong?
// Comment here:
_streamController.add(CircleTapEvent(mapId, circleId));
return _circleIdToController[circleId]?.consumeTapEvents ?? false;