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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart' show immutable;
/// A set of allowed XTypes.
class XTypeGroup {
/// Creates a new group with the given label and file extensions.
/// A group with none of the type options provided indicates that any type is
/// allowed.
const XTypeGroup({
List<String>? extensions,
List<String>? uniformTypeIdentifiers,
@Deprecated('Use uniformTypeIdentifiers instead') List<String>? macUTIs,
}) : _extensions = extensions,
assert(uniformTypeIdentifiers == null || macUTIs == null,
'Only one of uniformTypeIdentifiers or macUTIs can be non-null'),
uniformTypeIdentifiers = uniformTypeIdentifiers ?? macUTIs;
/// The 'name' or reference to this group of types.
final String? label;
/// The MIME types for this group.
final List<String>? mimeTypes;
/// The uniform type identifiers for this group
final List<String>? uniformTypeIdentifiers;
/// The web wild cards for this group (ex: image/*, video/*).
final List<String>? webWildCards;
final List<String>? _extensions;
/// The extensions for this group.
List<String>? get extensions {
return _removeLeadingDots(_extensions);
/// Converts this object into a JSON formatted object.
Map<String, dynamic> toJSON() {
return <String, dynamic>{
'label': label,
'extensions': extensions,
'mimeTypes': mimeTypes,
'uniformTypeIdentifiers': uniformTypeIdentifiers,
'webWildCards': webWildCards,
// This is kept for backwards compatibility with anything that was
// relying on it, including implementers of `MethodChannelFileSelector`
// (since toJSON is used in the method channel parameter serialization).
'macUTIs': uniformTypeIdentifiers,
/// True if this type group should allow any file.
bool get allowsAny {
return (extensions?.isEmpty ?? true) &&
(mimeTypes?.isEmpty ?? true) &&
(uniformTypeIdentifiers?.isEmpty ?? true) &&
(webWildCards?.isEmpty ?? true);
/// Returns the list of uniform type identifiers for this group
@Deprecated('Use uniformTypeIdentifiers instead')
List<String>? get macUTIs => uniformTypeIdentifiers;
static List<String>? _removeLeadingDots(List<String>? exts) => exts
?.map((String ext) => ext.startsWith('.') ? ext.substring(1) : ext)