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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:flutter/services.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart' show immutable;
import 'camerax_library.g.dart';
import 'instance_manager.dart';
import 'java_object.dart';
/// Strategy that will be adopted when the device in use does not support all
/// of the desired quality specified for a particular QualitySelector instance.
/// See
class FallbackStrategy extends JavaObject {
/// Creates a [FallbackStrategy].
{BinaryMessenger? binaryMessenger,
InstanceManager? instanceManager,
required this.quality,
required this.fallbackRule})
: super.detached(
binaryMessenger: binaryMessenger,
instanceManager: instanceManager) {
_api = _FallbackStrategyHostApiImpl(
binaryMessenger: binaryMessenger, instanceManager: instanceManager);
_api.createFromInstance(this, quality, fallbackRule);
/// Constructs a [FallbackStrategy] that is not automatically attached to a native object.
required this.quality,
required this.fallbackRule})
: super.detached();
late final _FallbackStrategyHostApiImpl _api;
/// The input quality used to specify this fallback strategy relative to.
final VideoQuality quality;
/// The fallback rule that this strategy will follow.
final VideoResolutionFallbackRule fallbackRule;
/// Host API implementation of [FallbackStrategy].
class _FallbackStrategyHostApiImpl extends FallbackStrategyHostApi {
/// Constructs a [FallbackStrategyHostApiImpl].
/// If [binaryMessenger] is null, the default [BinaryMessenger] will be used,
/// which routes to the host platform.
/// An [instanceManager] is typically passed when a copy of an instance
/// contained by an [InstanceManager] is being created. If left null, it
/// will default to the global instance defined in [JavaObject].
{this.binaryMessenger, InstanceManager? instanceManager}) {
this.instanceManager = instanceManager ?? JavaObject.globalInstanceManager;
/// Receives binary data across the Flutter platform barrier.
/// If it is null, the default [BinaryMessenger] will be used which routes to
/// the host platform.
final BinaryMessenger? binaryMessenger;
/// Maintains instances stored to communicate with native language objects.
late final InstanceManager instanceManager;
/// Creates a [FallbackStrategy] instance with the specified video [quality]
/// and [fallbackRule].
void createFromInstance(FallbackStrategy instance, VideoQuality quality,
VideoResolutionFallbackRule fallbackRule) {
final int identifier = instanceManager.addDartCreatedInstance(instance,
onCopy: (FallbackStrategy original) {
return FallbackStrategy.detached(
binaryMessenger: binaryMessenger,
instanceManager: instanceManager,
quality: original.quality,
fallbackRule: original.fallbackRule,
create(identifier, quality, fallbackRule);