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- name: prepare tool
script: .ci/scripts/
infra_step: true # Note infra steps failing prevents "always" from running.
- name: download Dart and Android deps
script: script/
infra_step: true
args: ["fetch-deps", "--android", "--supporting-target-platforms-only"]
- name: build examples
script: script/
args: ["build-examples", "--apk"]
- name: lint
script: script/
args: ["lint-android"]
# Native unit and native integration are split into two steps to allow for
# different exclusions.
# TODO(stuartmorgan): Eliminate the native unit test exclusion, and combine
# these steps.
- name: native unit tests
script: script/
args: ["native-test", "--android", "--no-integration", "--exclude=script/configs/exclude_native_unit_android.yaml"]
- name: native integration tests
script: script/
args: ["native-test", "--android", "--no-unit"]
- name: drive examples
script: script/
args: ["drive-examples", "--android", "--exclude=script/configs/exclude_integration_android.yaml,script/configs/exclude_integration_android_emulator.yaml"]