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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'configuration.dart';
import 'delegate.dart';
import 'match.dart';
import 'path_utils.dart';
/// Converts a location into a list of [RouteMatch] objects.
class RouteMatcher {
/// [RouteMatcher] constructor.
/// The route configuration.
final RouteConfiguration configuration;
/// Finds the routes that matched the given URL.
RouteMatchList findMatch(String location, {Object? extra}) {
final Uri uri = Uri.parse(canonicalUri(location));
final Map<String, String> pathParameters = <String, String>{};
final List<RouteMatch> matches =
_getLocRouteMatches(uri, extra, pathParameters);
return RouteMatchList(matches, uri, pathParameters);
List<RouteMatch> _getLocRouteMatches(
Uri uri, Object? extra, Map<String, String> pathParameters) {
final List<RouteMatch>? result = _getLocRouteRecursively(
loc: uri.path,
restLoc: uri.path,
routes: configuration.routes,
parentSubloc: '',
pathParameters: pathParameters,
extra: extra,
if (result == null) {
throw MatcherError('no routes for location', uri.toString());
return result;
/// The list of [RouteMatch] objects.
class RouteMatchList {
/// RouteMatchList constructor.
RouteMatchList(List<RouteMatch> matches, this._uri, this.pathParameters)
: _matches = matches,
fullpath = _generateFullPath(matches);
/// Constructs an empty matches object.
static RouteMatchList empty =
RouteMatchList(<RouteMatch>[], Uri.parse(''), const <String, String>{});
static String _generateFullPath(Iterable<RouteMatch> matches) {
final StringBuffer buffer = StringBuffer();
bool addsSlash = false;
for (final RouteMatch match in matches) {
final RouteBase route = match.route;
if (route is GoRoute) {
if (addsSlash) {
addsSlash = addsSlash || route.path != '/';
return buffer.toString();
final List<RouteMatch> _matches;
/// the full path pattern that matches the uri.
/// /family/:fid/person/:pid
final String fullpath;
/// Parameters for the matched route, URI-encoded.
final Map<String, String> pathParameters;
/// The uri of the current match.
Uri get uri => _uri;
Uri _uri;
/// Returns true if there are no matches.
bool get isEmpty => _matches.isEmpty;
/// Returns true if there are matches.
bool get isNotEmpty => _matches.isNotEmpty;
/// Pushes a match onto the list of matches.
void push(RouteMatch match) {
/// Removes the match from the list.
void remove(RouteMatch match) {
final int index = _matches.indexOf(match);
assert(index != -1);
_matches.removeRange(index, _matches.length);
// Also pop ShellRoutes when there are no subsequent route matches
while (_matches.isNotEmpty && _matches.last.route is ShellRoute) {
final String fullPath = _generateFullPath(
_matches.where((RouteMatch match) => match is! ImperativeRouteMatch));
// Need to remove path parameters that are no longer in the fullPath.
final List<String> newParameters = <String>[];
patternToRegExp(fullPath, newParameters);
final Set<String> validParameters = newParameters.toSet();
(String key, String value) => !validParameters.contains(key));
_uri = _uri.replace(path: patternToPath(fullPath, pathParameters));
/// An optional object provided by the app during navigation.
Object? get extra => _matches.isEmpty ? null : _matches.last.extra;
/// The last matching route.
RouteMatch get last => _matches.last;
/// The route matches.
List<RouteMatch> get matches => _matches;
/// Returns true if the current match intends to display an error screen.
bool get isError => matches.length == 1 && matches.first.error != null;
/// Returns the error that this match intends to display.
Exception? get error => matches.first.error;
/// An error that occurred during matching.
class MatcherError extends Error {
/// Constructs a [MatcherError].
MatcherError(String message, this.location) : message = '$message: $location';
/// The error message.
final String message;
/// The location that failed to match.
final String location;
String toString() {
return message;
List<RouteMatch>? _getLocRouteRecursively({
required String loc,
required String restLoc,
required String parentSubloc,
required List<RouteBase> routes,
required Map<String, String> pathParameters,
required Object? extra,
}) {
List<RouteMatch>? result;
late Map<String, String> subPathParameters;
// find the set of matches at this level of the tree
for (final RouteBase route in routes) {
subPathParameters = <String, String>{};
final RouteMatch? match = RouteMatch.match(
route: route,
restLoc: restLoc,
parentSubloc: parentSubloc,
pathParameters: subPathParameters,
extra: extra,
if (match == null) {
if (match.route is GoRoute &&
match.subloc.toLowerCase() == loc.toLowerCase()) {
// If it is a complete match, then return the matched route
// NOTE: need a lower case match because subloc is canonicalized to match
// the path case whereas the location can be of any case and still match
result = <RouteMatch>[match];
} else if (route.routes.isEmpty) {
// If it is partial match but no sub-routes, bail.
} else {
// Otherwise, recurse
final String childRestLoc;
final String newParentSubLoc;
if (match.route is ShellRoute) {
childRestLoc = restLoc;
newParentSubLoc = parentSubloc;
} else {
childRestLoc =
loc.substring(match.subloc.length + (match.subloc == '/' ? 0 : 1));
newParentSubLoc = match.subloc;
final List<RouteMatch>? subRouteMatch = _getLocRouteRecursively(
loc: loc,
restLoc: childRestLoc,
parentSubloc: newParentSubLoc,
routes: route.routes,
pathParameters: subPathParameters,
extra: extra,
// If there's no sub-route matches, there is no match for this location
if (subRouteMatch == null) {
result = <RouteMatch>[match, ...subRouteMatch];
// Should only reach here if there is a match.
if (result != null) {
return result;
/// The match used when there is an error during parsing.
RouteMatchList errorScreen(Uri uri, String errorMessage) {
final Exception error = Exception(errorMessage);
return RouteMatchList(
subloc: uri.path,
extra: null,
error: error,
route: GoRoute(
path: uri.toString(),
pageBuilder: (BuildContext context, GoRouterState state) {
throw UnimplementedError();
pageKey: const ValueKey<String>('error'),
const <String, String>{});