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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:go_router/go_router.dart';
import 'package:source_gen_test/annotations.dart';
@ShouldThrow('The @TypedGoRoute annotation can only be applied to classes.')
@TypedGoRoute(path: 'bob') // ignore: invalid_annotation_target
const int theAnswer = 42;
// This test should be removed: dart enforces the `required` keyword.
@ShouldThrow('Missing `path` value on annotation.')
// ignore:missing_required_argument
class MissingPathValue extends GoRouteData {}
'The @TypedGoRoute annotation can only be applied to classes that extend or '
'implement `GoRouteData`.',
@TypedGoRoute(path: 'bob')
class AppliedToWrongClassType {}
'The @TypedGoRoute annotation must have a type parameter that matches the '
'annotated element.',
@TypedGoRoute(path: 'bob')
class MissingTypeAnnotation extends GoRouteData {}
'Could not find a field for the path parameter "id".',
@TypedGoRoute<BadPathParam>(path: 'bob/:id')
class BadPathParam extends GoRouteData {}
'The parameter type `Stopwatch` is not supported.',
@TypedGoRoute<UnsupportedType>(path: 'bob/:id')
class UnsupportedType extends GoRouteData {
final Stopwatch id;
'Required parameters cannot be nullable.',
@TypedGoRoute<NullableRequiredParam>(path: 'bob/:id')
class NullableRequiredParam extends GoRouteData {
final int? id;
r'Parameters named `$extra` cannot be required.',
@TypedGoRoute<ExtraMustBeOptional>(path: r'bob/:$extra')
class ExtraMustBeOptional extends GoRouteData {
ExtraMustBeOptional({required this.$extra});
final int $extra;
'Missing param `id` in path.',
@TypedGoRoute<MissingPathParam>(path: 'bob/')
class MissingPathParam extends GoRouteData {
final String id;
GoRoute get $enumParam => GoRouteData.$route(
path: '/:y',
factory: $EnumParamExtension._fromState,
extension $EnumParamExtension on EnumParam {
static EnumParam _fromState(GoRouterState state) => EnumParam(
y: _$EnumTestEnumMap._$fromName(state.params['y']!),
String get location => GoRouteData.$location(
void go(BuildContext context) => context.go(location, extra: this);
void push(BuildContext context) => context.push(location, extra: this);
const _$EnumTestEnumMap = {
EnumTest.a: 'a',
EnumTest.b: 'b',
EnumTest.c: 'c',
extension<T extends Enum> on Map<T, String> {
T _$fromName(String value) =>
entries.singleWhere((element) => element.value == value).key;
@TypedGoRoute<EnumParam>(path: '/:y')
class EnumParam extends GoRouteData {
EnumParam({required this.y});
final EnumTest y;
enum EnumTest {
const EnumTest(this.x);
final int x;