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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:in_app_purchase_platform_interface/in_app_purchase_platform_interface.dart';
import '../in_app_purchase_storekit.dart';
import '../store_kit_wrappers.dart';
/// Contains InApp Purchase features that are only available on iOS.
class InAppPurchaseStoreKitPlatformAddition
extends InAppPurchasePlatformAddition {
/// Present Code Redemption Sheet.
/// Available on devices running iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and later.
Future<void> presentCodeRedemptionSheet() {
return SKPaymentQueueWrapper().presentCodeRedemptionSheet();
/// Retry loading purchase data after an initial failure.
/// If no results, a `null` value is returned.
Future<PurchaseVerificationData?> refreshPurchaseVerificationData() async {
await SKRequestMaker().startRefreshReceiptRequest();
try {
final String receipt = await SKReceiptManager.retrieveReceiptData();
return PurchaseVerificationData(
localVerificationData: receipt,
serverVerificationData: receipt,
source: kIAPSource);
} catch (e) {
// ignore: avoid_print
'Something is wrong while fetching the receipt, this normally happens when the app is '
'running on a simulator: $e');
return null;
/// Sets an implementation of the [SKPaymentQueueDelegateWrapper].
/// The [SKPaymentQueueDelegateWrapper] can be used to inform iOS how to
/// finish transactions when the storefront changes or if the price consent
/// sheet should be displayed when the price of a subscription has changed. If
/// no delegate is registered iOS will fallback to it's default configuration.
/// See the documentation on StoreKite's [`-[SKPaymentQueue delegate:]`](
/// When set to `null` the payment queue delegate will be removed and the
/// default behaviour will apply (see [documentation](
Future<void> setDelegate(SKPaymentQueueDelegateWrapper? delegate) =>
/// Shows the price consent sheet if the user has not yet responded to a
/// subscription price change.
/// Use this function when you have registered a [SKPaymentQueueDelegateWrapper]
/// (using the [setDelegate] method) and returned `false` when the
/// `SKPaymentQueueDelegateWrapper.shouldShowPriceConsent()` method was called.
/// See documentation of StoreKit's [`-[SKPaymentQueue showPriceConsentIfNeeded]`](
Future<void> showPriceConsentIfNeeded() =>