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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'common/instance_manager.dart';
import 'foundation/foundation.dart';
import 'web_kit/web_kit.dart';
// This convenience method was added because Dart doesn't support constant
// function literals:
WKWebsiteDataStore _defaultWebsiteDataStore() =>
/// Handles constructing objects and calling static methods for the WebKit
/// native library.
/// This class provides dependency injection for the implementations of the
/// platform interface classes. Improving the ease of unit testing and/or
/// overriding the underlying WebKit classes.
/// By default each function calls the default constructor of the WebKit class
/// it intends to return.
class WebKitProxy {
/// Constructs a [WebKitProxy].
const WebKitProxy({
this.createWebView =,
this.createWebViewConfiguration =,
this.createScriptMessageHandler =,
this.defaultWebsiteDataStore = _defaultWebsiteDataStore,
this.createNavigationDelegate =,
this.createUIDelegate =,
/// Constructs a [WKWebView].
final WKWebView Function(
WKWebViewConfiguration configuration, {
void Function(
String keyPath,
NSObject object,
Map<NSKeyValueChangeKey, Object?> change,
)? observeValue,
InstanceManager? instanceManager,
}) createWebView;
/// Constructs a [WKWebViewConfiguration].
final WKWebViewConfiguration Function({
InstanceManager? instanceManager,
}) createWebViewConfiguration;
/// Constructs a [WKScriptMessageHandler].
final WKScriptMessageHandler Function({
required void Function(
WKUserContentController userContentController,
WKScriptMessage message,
) didReceiveScriptMessage,
}) createScriptMessageHandler;
/// The default [WKWebsiteDataStore].
final WKWebsiteDataStore Function() defaultWebsiteDataStore;
/// Constructs a [WKNavigationDelegate].
final WKNavigationDelegate Function({
void Function(WKWebView webView, String? url)? didFinishNavigation,
void Function(WKWebView webView, String? url)?
Future<WKNavigationActionPolicy> Function(
WKWebView webView,
WKNavigationAction navigationAction,
)? decidePolicyForNavigationAction,
void Function(WKWebView webView, NSError error)? didFailNavigation,
void Function(WKWebView webView, NSError error)?
void Function(WKWebView webView)? webViewWebContentProcessDidTerminate,
}) createNavigationDelegate;
/// Constructs a [WKUIDelegate].
final WKUIDelegate Function({
void Function(
WKWebView webView,
WKWebViewConfiguration configuration,
WKNavigationAction navigationAction,
)? onCreateWebView,
}) createUIDelegate;