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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'android_webview.dart' as android_webview;
/// Handles constructing objects and calling static methods for the Android
/// WebView native library.
/// This class provides dependency injection for the implementations of the
/// platform interface classes. Improving the ease of unit testing and/or
/// overriding the underlying Android WebView classes.
/// By default each function calls the default constructor of the WebView class
/// it intends to return.
class AndroidWebViewProxy {
/// Constructs a [AndroidWebViewProxy].
const AndroidWebViewProxy({
this.createAndroidWebView =,
this.createAndroidWebChromeClient =,
this.createAndroidWebViewClient =,
this.createFlutterAssetManager =,
this.createJavaScriptChannel =,
this.createDownloadListener =,
/// Constructs a [android_webview.WebView].
final android_webview.WebView Function() createAndroidWebView;
/// Constructs a [android_webview.WebChromeClient].
final android_webview.WebChromeClient Function({
void Function(android_webview.WebView webView, int progress)?
Future<List<String>> Function(
android_webview.WebView webView,
android_webview.FileChooserParams params,
)? onShowFileChooser,
}) createAndroidWebChromeClient;
/// Constructs a [android_webview.WebViewClient].
final android_webview.WebViewClient Function({
void Function(android_webview.WebView webView, String url)? onPageStarted,
void Function(android_webview.WebView webView, String url)? onPageFinished,
void Function(
android_webview.WebView webView,
android_webview.WebResourceRequest request,
android_webview.WebResourceError error,
)? onReceivedRequestError,
@Deprecated('Only called on Android version < 23.')
void Function(
android_webview.WebView webView,
int errorCode,
String description,
String failingUrl,
)? onReceivedError,
void Function(
android_webview.WebView webView,
android_webview.WebResourceRequest request,
)? requestLoading,
void Function(android_webview.WebView webView, String url)? urlLoading,
void Function(android_webview.WebView webView, String url, bool isReload)?
}) createAndroidWebViewClient;
/// Constructs a [android_webview.FlutterAssetManager].
final android_webview.FlutterAssetManager Function()
/// Constructs a [android_webview.JavaScriptChannel].
final android_webview.JavaScriptChannel Function(
String channelName, {
required void Function(String) postMessage,
}) createJavaScriptChannel;
/// Constructs a [android_webview.DownloadListener].
final android_webview.DownloadListener Function({
required void Function(
String url,
String userAgent,
String contentDisposition,
String mimetype,
int contentLength,
) onDownloadStart,
}) createDownloadListener;
/// Enables debugging of web contents (HTML / CSS / JavaScript) loaded into any WebViews of this application.
/// This flag can be enabled in order to facilitate debugging of web layouts
/// and JavaScript code running inside WebViews. Please refer to
/// [android_webview.WebView] documentation for the debugging guide. The
/// default is false.
/// See [android_webview.WebView].setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled.
Future<void> setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled(bool enabled) {
return android_webview.WebView.setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled(enabled);