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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// ignore_for_file: avoid_implementing_value_types
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:html';
import 'dart:ui';
import 'package:camera_web/src/camera.dart';
import 'package:camera_web/src/camera_service.dart';
import 'package:camera_web/src/shims/dart_js_util.dart';
import 'package:camera_web/src/types/types.dart';
import 'package:cross_file/cross_file.dart';
import 'package:mocktail/mocktail.dart';
class MockWindow extends Mock implements Window {}
class MockScreen extends Mock implements Screen {}
class MockScreenOrientation extends Mock implements ScreenOrientation {}
class MockDocument extends Mock implements Document {}
class MockElement extends Mock implements Element {}
class MockNavigator extends Mock implements Navigator {}
class MockMediaDevices extends Mock implements MediaDevices {}
class MockCameraService extends Mock implements CameraService {}
class MockMediaStreamTrack extends Mock implements MediaStreamTrack {}
class MockCamera extends Mock implements Camera {}
class MockCameraOptions extends Mock implements CameraOptions {}
class MockVideoElement extends Mock implements VideoElement {}
class MockXFile extends Mock implements XFile {}
class MockJsUtil extends Mock implements JsUtil {}
class MockMediaRecorder extends Mock implements MediaRecorder {}
/// A fake [MediaStream] that returns the provided [_videoTracks].
class FakeMediaStream extends Fake implements MediaStream {
final List<MediaStreamTrack> _videoTracks;
List<MediaStreamTrack> getVideoTracks() => _videoTracks;
/// A fake [MediaDeviceInfo] that returns the provided [_deviceId], [_label] and [_kind].
class FakeMediaDeviceInfo extends Fake implements MediaDeviceInfo {
FakeMediaDeviceInfo(this._deviceId, this._label, this._kind);
final String _deviceId;
final String _label;
final String _kind;
String? get deviceId => _deviceId;
String? get label => _label;
String? get kind => _kind;
/// A fake [MediaError] that returns the provided error [_code] and [_message].
class FakeMediaError extends Fake implements MediaError {
this._code, [
String message = '',
]) : _message = message;
final int _code;
final String _message;
int get code => _code;
String? get message => _message;
/// A fake [DomException] that returns the provided error [_name] and [_message].
class FakeDomException extends Fake implements DomException {
this._name, [
String? message,
]) : _message = message;
final String _name;
final String? _message;
String get name => _name;
String? get message => _message;
/// A fake [ElementStream] that listens to the provided [_stream] on [listen].
class FakeElementStream<T extends Event> extends Fake
implements ElementStream<T> {
final Stream<T> _stream;
StreamSubscription<T> listen(void Function(T event)? onData,
{Function? onError, void Function()? onDone, bool? cancelOnError}) {
return _stream.listen(
onError: onError,
onDone: onDone,
cancelOnError: cancelOnError,
/// A fake [BlobEvent] that returns the provided blob [data].
class FakeBlobEvent extends Fake implements BlobEvent {
final Blob? _blob;
Blob? get data => _blob;
/// A fake [DomException] that returns the provided error [_name] and [_message].
class FakeErrorEvent extends Fake implements ErrorEvent {
String type, [
String? message,
]) : _type = type,
_message = message;
final String _type;
final String? _message;
String get type => _type;
String? get message => _message;
/// Returns a video element with a blank stream of size [videoSize].
/// Can be used to mock a video stream:
/// ```dart
/// final videoElement = getVideoElementWithBlankStream(Size(100, 100));
/// final videoStream = videoElement.captureStream();
/// ```
VideoElement getVideoElementWithBlankStream(Size videoSize) {
final CanvasElement canvasElement = CanvasElement(
width: videoSize.width.toInt(),
height: videoSize.height.toInt(),
)..context2D.fillRect(0, 0, videoSize.width, videoSize.height);
final VideoElement videoElement = VideoElement()
..srcObject = canvasElement.captureStream();
return videoElement;