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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:file/file.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as p;
import 'package:pubspec_parse/pubspec_parse.dart';
import 'core.dart';
export 'package:pubspec_parse/pubspec_parse.dart' show Pubspec;
export 'core.dart' show FlutterPlatform;
/// A package in the repository.
// TODO(stuartmorgan): Add more package-related info here, such as an on-demand
// cache of the parsed pubspec.
class RepositoryPackage {
/// Creates a representation of the package at [directory].
/// The location of the package.
final Directory directory;
/// The path to the package.
String get path => directory.path;
/// Returns the string to use when referring to the package in user-targeted
/// messages.
/// Callers should not expect a specific format for this string, since
/// it uses heuristics to try to be precise without being overly verbose. If
/// an exact format (e.g., published name, or basename) is required, that
/// should be used instead.
String get displayName {
List<String> components = directory.fileSystem.path.split(directory.path);
// Remove everything up to the packages directory.
final int packagesIndex = components.indexOf('packages');
if (packagesIndex != -1) {
components = components.sublist(packagesIndex + 1);
// For the common federated plugin pattern of `foo/foo_subpackage`, drop
// the first part since it's not useful.
if (components.length >= 2 &&
components[1].startsWith('${components[0]}_')) {
components = components.sublist(1);
return p.posix.joinAll(components);
/// The package's top-level pubspec.yaml.
File get pubspecFile => directory.childFile('pubspec.yaml');
/// The package's top-level README.
File get readmeFile => directory.childFile('');
/// The package's top-level README.
File get changelogFile => directory.childFile('');
/// The package's top-level README.
File get authorsFile => directory.childFile('AUTHORS');
/// The lib directory containing the package's code.
Directory get libDirectory => directory.childDirectory('lib');
/// The test directory containing the package's Dart tests.
Directory get testDirectory => directory.childDirectory('test');
/// Returns the directory containing support for [platform].
Directory platformDirectory(FlutterPlatform platform) {
late final String directoryName;
switch (platform) {
directoryName = 'android';
case FlutterPlatform.ios:
directoryName = 'ios';
case FlutterPlatform.linux:
directoryName = 'linux';
case FlutterPlatform.macos:
directoryName = 'macos';
case FlutterPlatform.web:
directoryName = 'web';
directoryName = 'windows';
return directory.childDirectory(directoryName);
late final Pubspec _parsedPubspec =
/// Returns the parsed [pubspecFile].
/// Caches for future use.
Pubspec parsePubspec() => _parsedPubspec;
/// Returns true if the package depends on Flutter.
bool requiresFlutter() {
final Pubspec pubspec = parsePubspec();
return pubspec.dependencies.containsKey('flutter');
/// True if this appears to be a federated plugin package, according to
/// repository conventions.
bool get isFederated =>
directory.parent.basename != 'packages' &&
/// True if this appears to be the app-facing package of a federated plugin,
/// according to repository conventions.
bool get isAppFacing =>
directory.parent.basename != 'packages' &&
directory.basename == directory.parent.basename;
/// True if this appears to be a platform interface package, according to
/// repository conventions.
bool get isPlatformInterface =>
/// True if this appears to be a platform implementation package, according to
/// repository conventions.
bool get isPlatformImplementation =>
// Any part of a federated plugin that isn't the platform interface and
// isn't the app-facing package should be an implementation package.
isFederated &&
!isPlatformInterface &&
directory.basename != directory.parent.basename;
/// Returns the Flutter example packages contained in the package, if any.
Iterable<RepositoryPackage> getExamples() {
final Directory exampleDirectory = directory.childDirectory('example');
if (!exampleDirectory.existsSync()) {
return <RepositoryPackage>[];
if (isPackage(exampleDirectory)) {
return <RepositoryPackage>[RepositoryPackage(exampleDirectory)];
// Only look at the subdirectories of the example directory if the example
// directory itself is not a Dart package, and only look one level below the
// example directory for other Dart packages.
return exampleDirectory
.where((FileSystemEntity entity) => isPackage(entity))
// isPackage guarantees that the cast to Directory is safe.
.map((FileSystemEntity entity) =>
RepositoryPackage(entity as Directory));