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# Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from import job as job_pb2
from recipe_engine import recipe_test_api
class JobTestApi(recipe_test_api.RecipeTestApi):
def mock_launch(self, buildbucket_build=None, task_id="job_task_id"):
"""Returns mock data for the launch function.
buildbucket_build (TestData): Emulates a buildbucket build. It is usually
an output from api.buildbucket.x_build().
task_id (str): Id of the swarming task.
ret = self.empty_test_data()
# Attaches current build.
if not buildbucket_build:
buildbucket_build = self.m.buildbucket.ci_build(
project="flutter", bucket="try", builder="Linux")
ret += buildbucket_build
# Attaches task_id of the launched swarming task.
# led launch mock will take ....infra.swarming.task_id as this build's
# launched swarming ID.
jd = job_pb2.Definition() = task_id
ret += self.m.led.mock_get_builder(jd)
return ret
def mock_collect(self,
"""Returns mock data for the collect function.
task_ids (list(str)): List of swarming task ids.
presentation_step_name (str): The step name of the presentation.
swarming_results (list(dict)): List of the outputs from
api.swarming.task_result() in the order of task_ids.
build_protos (list(build_pb2.Build)): List of build proto messages in the
order of task_ids.
ret = self.empty_test_data()
# Attaches swarming results.
if not swarming_results:
swarming_results = [
self.m.swarming.task_result(id=task_id, name="my_task_%d" % i)
for i, task_id in enumerate(task_ids)
ret += self.step_data(
"%s.collect" % presentation_step_name,
# Attaches build protos.
if not build_protos:
build_protos = [
self.m.buildbucket.ci_build_message(build_id=1000 + i)
for i, _ in enumerate(task_ids)
for i, id in enumerate(task_ids):
# Mocks read build.proto.json.
step_name = " build.proto.json" % presentation_step_name
if i > 0:
step_name += " (%d)" % (i + 1)
ret += self.step_data(
return ret