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#!/usr/bin/env python3
"This tool is intended to be used from meson"
import os, sys, shutil
if len (sys.argv) < 3:
sys.exit (__doc__)
OUTPUT = sys.argv[1]
CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR = sys.argv[2]
# make sure input files are unique
sources = sorted(set(sys.argv[3:]))
with open (OUTPUT, "wb") as f:
f.write ("".join ('#include "{}"\n'.format (os.path.relpath (os.path.abspath (x), CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR)) for x in sources if x.endswith (".cc")).encode ())
# copy it also to the source tree, but only if it has changed
baseline_filename = os.path.join (CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR, os.path.basename (OUTPUT))
with open(baseline_filename, "rb") as baseline:
with open(OUTPUT, "rb") as generated:
if !=
shutil.copyfile (OUTPUT, baseline_filename)