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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys, os, shutil, subprocess, re, difflib
os.environ['LC_ALL'] = 'C' # otherwise 'nm' prints in wrong order
builddir = os.getenv ('builddir', os.path.dirname (__file__))
libs = os.getenv ('libs', '.libs')
IGNORED_SYMBOLS = '|'.join(['_fini', '_init', '_fdata', '_ftext', '_fbss',
'__bss_start', '__bss_start__', '__bss_end__', '_edata', '_end', '_bss_end__',
'__end__', '__gcov_.*', 'llvm_.*', 'flush_fn_list', 'writeout_fn_list', 'mangle_path',
'lprofDirMode', 'reset_fn_list'])
nm = os.getenv ('NM', shutil.which ('nm'))
if not nm:
print (' \'nm\' not found; skipping test')
sys.exit (77)
cxxflit = shutil.which ('c++filt')
tested = False
stat = 0
for soname in ['harfbuzz', 'harfbuzz-subset', 'harfbuzz-icu', 'harfbuzz-gobject']:
for suffix in ['so', 'dylib']:
so = os.path.join (builddir, libs, 'lib%s.%s' % (soname, suffix))
if not os.path.exists (so): continue
# On macOS, C symbols are prefixed with _
symprefix = '_' if suffix == 'dylib' else ''
EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = [s.split ()[2]
for s in re.findall (r'^.+ [BCDGIRST] .+$', subprocess.check_output (nm.split() + [so]).decode ('utf-8'), re.MULTILINE)
if not re.match (r'.* %s(%s)\b' % (symprefix, IGNORED_SYMBOLS), s)]
# run again c++flit also if is available
if cxxflit:
EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = subprocess.check_output (
[cxxflit], input='\n'.join (EXPORTED_SYMBOLS).encode ()
).decode ('utf-8').splitlines ()
prefix = (symprefix + os.path.basename (so)).replace ('libharfbuzz', 'hb').replace ('-', '_').split ('.')[0]
print ('Checking that %s does not expose internal symbols' % so)
suspicious_symbols = [x for x in EXPORTED_SYMBOLS if not re.match (r'^%s(_|$)' % prefix, x)]
if suspicious_symbols:
print ('Ouch, internal symbols exposed:', suspicious_symbols)
stat = 1
def_path = os.path.join (builddir, soname + '.def')
if not os.path.exists (def_path):
print ('\'%s\' not found; skipping' % def_path)
print ('Checking that %s has the same symbol list as %s' % (so, def_path))
with open (def_path, 'r', encoding='utf-8') as f: def_file = ()
diff_result = list (difflib.context_diff (
def_file.splitlines (),
['EXPORTS'] + [re.sub ('^%shb' % symprefix, 'hb', x) for x in EXPORTED_SYMBOLS] +
# cheat: copy the last line from the def file!
[def_file.splitlines ()[-1]]
if diff_result:
print ('\n'.join (diff_result))
stat = 1
tested = True
if not tested:
print (' no shared libraries found; skipping test')
sys.exit (77)
sys.exit (stat)