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#!/usr/bin/env python3
"This tool is intended to be used from meson"
import os, sys, shutil, re
if len (sys.argv) < 4:
version = sys.argv[1]
major, minor, micro = version.split (".")
OUTPUT = sys.argv[2]
INPUT = sys.argv[3]
CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR = os.path.dirname(INPUT)
with open (OUTPUT, "r", encoding='utf-8') as old_output:
for line in old_output:
old_version = re.match (r"#define HB_VERSION_STRING \"(\d.\d.\d)\"", line)
if old_version and old_version[1] == version:
sys.exit ()
except IOError:
with open (INPUT, "r", encoding='utf-8') as template:
with open (OUTPUT, "wb") as output:
output.write ( ()
.replace ("@HB_VERSION_MAJOR@", major)
.replace ("@HB_VERSION_MINOR@", minor)
.replace ("@HB_VERSION_MICRO@", micro)
.replace ("@HB_VERSION@", version)
.encode ())
# copy it also to src/
shutil.copyfile (OUTPUT, os.path.join (CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR, os.path.basename (OUTPUT)))