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Version 1.1.0
* Changes:
- Fix installation of archives which are missing app directory zip file entry
- Return non-zero exit status (128) when device error occurs
- Add error checking for readlink use
- Add support for installing from directories which contain symlinks
- Plug a few memory leaks
- Print AFC error code if writing fails
- Fix possible buffer overflow with filename argument
- Increase transfer buffer size for faster file uploads
- Fix building with older libzip versions
- Swap "-u" and "-U" arguments and print deprecation warning if still used
- Improve error reporting on wrong usage
- Replace "iPhone" wording with more general term "iOS device"
- Remove waiting timeouts as they appear unreliable with large archives
- Don't wait for a notification during uninstall as there is none sometimes
- Improve command line output for more clarity and unification
- Detect device removal and abort operation in that case
- Turn some errors messages into warnings to not confuse users
- Support iOS 7 correctly by passing "CFBundleIdentifier" option
- Allow installation of developer apps by passing a ".app" directory
- Add compatibility for libimobiledevice >= 1.1.5
- Fix file operations for WIN32
- Fix wrong usage description for upgrade command
- Use CFBundleExecutable instead of CFBundleName to construct executable path
- Rename "uuid" to correct "udid" abbreviation as used in other tools
- Fix various issues with ZIP index and locating files in the archive
- Improve detection of Info.plist in application archives
- Fix compiler warnings
- Allow creating app archives with just the documents/user data
- Add support for CarrierBundle installation (.ipcc files)
Version 1.0.1
* Changes:
- Fix minor manpage typos
- Fix build on OS X
- Fix build warnings and make compilers happy
Version 1.0.0
* First official public tarbal release
* Features:
- Install, upgrade, uninstall, archive, restore, and enumerate installed
or archived apps on an iDevice