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#include "ed25519.h"
#include "fe.h"
void ed25519_key_exchange(unsigned char *shared_secret, const unsigned char *public_key, const unsigned char *private_key) {
unsigned char e[32];
unsigned int i;
fe x1;
fe x2;
fe z2;
fe x3;
fe z3;
fe tmp0;
fe tmp1;
int pos;
unsigned int swap;
unsigned int b;
/* copy the private key and make sure it's valid */
for (i = 0; i < 32; ++i) {
e[i] = private_key[i];
e[0] &= 248;
e[31] &= 63;
e[31] |= 64;
/* unpack the public key and convert edwards to montgomery */
/* due to CodesInChaos: montgomeryX = (edwardsY + 1)*inverse(1 - edwardsY) mod p */
fe_frombytes(x1, public_key);
fe_add(tmp0, x1, tmp1);
fe_sub(tmp1, tmp1, x1);
fe_invert(tmp1, tmp1);
fe_mul(x1, tmp0, tmp1);
fe_copy(x3, x1);
swap = 0;
for (pos = 254; pos >= 0; --pos) {
b = e[pos / 8] >> (pos & 7);
b &= 1;
swap ^= b;
fe_cswap(x2, x3, swap);
fe_cswap(z2, z3, swap);
swap = b;
/* from montgomery.h */
fe_sub(tmp0, x3, z3);
fe_sub(tmp1, x2, z2);
fe_add(x2, x2, z2);
fe_add(z2, x3, z3);
fe_mul(z3, tmp0, x2);
fe_mul(z2, z2, tmp1);
fe_sq(tmp0, tmp1);
fe_sq(tmp1, x2);
fe_add(x3, z3, z2);
fe_sub(z2, z3, z2);
fe_mul(x2, tmp1, tmp0);
fe_sub(tmp1, tmp1, tmp0);
fe_sq(z2, z2);
fe_mul121666(z3, tmp1);
fe_sq(x3, x3);
fe_add(tmp0, tmp0, z3);
fe_mul(z3, x1, z2);
fe_mul(z2, tmp1, tmp0);
fe_cswap(x2, x3, swap);
fe_cswap(z2, z3, swap);
fe_invert(z2, z2);
fe_mul(x2, x2, z2);
fe_tobytes(shared_secret, x2);