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REM -- grayscale
pnm2png.exe basn0g01.pgm basn0g01.png
pnm2png.exe basn0g02.pgm basn0g02.png
pnm2png.exe basn0g04.pgm basn0g04.png
pnm2png.exe basn0g08.pgm basn0g08.png
pnm2png.exe basn0g16.pgm basn0g16.png
REM -- full-color
pnm2png.exe basn2c08.ppm basn2c08.png
pnm2png.exe basn2c16.ppm basn2c16.png
REM -- paletted
pnm2png.exe basn3p01.ppm basn3p01.png
pnm2png.exe basn3p02.ppm basn3p02.png
pnm2png.exe basn3p04.ppm basn3p04.png
pnm2png.exe basn3p08.ppm basn3p08.png
REM -- gray with alpha-channel
pnm2png.exe -alpha basn6a08.pgm basn4a08.pgm basn4a08.png
pnm2png.exe -alpha basn6a16.pgm basn4a16.pgm basn4a16.png
REM -- color with alpha-channel
pnm2png.exe -alpha basn6a08.pgm basn6a08.ppm basn6a08.png
pnm2png.exe -alpha basn6a16.pgm basn6a16.ppm basn6a16.png
REM -- grayscale
pnm2png.exe rawn0g01.pgm rawn0g01.png
pnm2png.exe rawn0g02.pgm rawn0g02.png
pnm2png.exe rawn0g04.pgm rawn0g04.png
pnm2png.exe rawn0g08.pgm rawn0g08.png
pnm2png.exe rawn0g16.pgm rawn0g16.png
REM -- full-color
pnm2png.exe rawn2c08.ppm rawn2c08.png
pnm2png.exe rawn2c16.ppm rawn2c16.png
REM -- paletted
pnm2png.exe rawn3p01.ppm rawn3p01.png
pnm2png.exe rawn3p02.ppm rawn3p02.png
pnm2png.exe rawn3p04.ppm rawn3p04.png
pnm2png.exe rawn3p08.ppm rawn3p08.png
REM -- gray with alpha-channel
pnm2png.exe -alpha rawn6a08.pgm rawn4a08.pgm rawn4a08.png
pnm2png.exe -alpha rawn6a16.pgm rawn4a16.pgm rawn4a16.png
REM -- color with alpha-channel
pnm2png.exe -alpha rawn6a08.pgm rawn6a08.ppm rawn6a08.png
pnm2png.exe -alpha rawn6a16.pgm rawn6a16.ppm rawn6a16.png