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If you want to contribute (implement something from the current list, or
anything), contact the developer's mailing list ...,
in order to avoid having people working on the same thing.
Current list:
+ Audit the code
* Avoid the usage of any global state in array2tree or parser2tree
* Allow extracting the time in a reasonable format (e.g. time_t)
* C structure generation instead of a single array
* CHOICE in CHOICE (e.g., RDN in byName in ResponderID in OCSP) cannot
be read directly. Also the OCTET string (ByKey) in the same choice
is not encoded properly.
- Add the checking of default value (e.g. 'INTEGER DEFAULT v1')
- Check _asn1_objectid_der, crashes on "0" input, gives incorrect encoding?
(+) Means high priority
(*) Means medium priority
(-) Means low priority (ie. nobody is interested to develop that)
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notice and this notice are preserved.