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# libusb
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libusb is a library for USB device access from Linux, macOS,
Windows, OpenBSD/NetBSD, Haiku and Solaris userspace.
It is written in C (Haiku backend in C++) and licensed under the GNU
Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or, at your option, any later
version (see [COPYING](COPYING)).
libusb is abstracted internally in such a way that it can hopefully
be ported to other operating systems. Please see the [PORTING](PORTING)
file for more information.
libusb homepage:
Developers will wish to consult the API documentation:
Use the mailing list for questions, comments, etc:
- Hans de Goede <>
- Xiaofan Chen <>
- Ludovic Rousseau <>
- Nathan Hjelm <>
- Chris Dickens <>
(Please use the mailing list rather than mailing developers directly)