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*** NOTE:
*** Doing this is mostly obsolete. The preferred method to sync music to an
*** iPhone now is to use ifuse or some other afc-based client, which does not
*** require jailbreaking or adding this service. Please take a look at the
*** libiphone, ifuse, and libgpod projects.
com.openssh.sft.plist is a launchd configuration to set up a bare SFTP server
on TCP port 2299 localhost-only for USB use. It's nice for relatively fast music
syncing and file transfer under Linux (and it avoids encryption). Con: it gives
anyone with usb access root FS access on the phone, as well as anything running
on the phone itself.
Use it with a command like this:
$ sshfs localhost:$IPATH $MOUNTPOINT -o workaround=rename -o directport=2299 \
-o kernel_cache -o entry_timeout=30 -o attr_timeout=30
Make sure you run
$ python -t 2299
Remember that to bypass the stupid new iTunesDB hash you need to edit
/System/Library/Lockdown/Checkpoint.xml and change DBVersion to 2.