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Version 2.0.2
* Changes:
- Fix compiler warnings
- Handle USB and network devices with new options in tools
- Make connecting sockets non-blocking
- Fix win32 build
- Switch from concurrent threads to loop with select()
- Allow to specify source address for listening socket in iproxy
- Allow to map multiple ports in iproxy
- Fix crash when no UDID is provided
- Add man pages for iproxy and inetcat tools
- Improve `socket_create()` with proper use of getaddrinfo
- Allow proper listening on localhost for IPv6 and IPv4 in iproxy
- Bump dependency to libplist 2.2.0
- Add new "--version" argument to output version information to tools
- Improve with project description, installation, contributing and
usage sections
- Rename library and all related files by adding an API version resulting
in "libusbmuxd-2.0"
Version 2.0.1
* Changes:
- Rename 'icat' tool to 'inetcat' due to name conflict with sleuthkit's icat
Version 2.0.0
* Changes:
- Add proper support for USB and network (WiFi sync) devices reported by usbmuxd
- Add new usbmuxd_events_subscribe/unsubscribe functions with a context so it can be used in different threads
- Add new tool 'icat'
- Lots of bug fixes and other improvements
Version 1.0.10
* Changes:
- Retry to connect to usbmuxd socket if first attempt failed (Linux/inotify)
- Avoid exporting non-public symbols
- Allow multiple connections to iproxy listen port
- Add ability to target device by UDID to iproxy
- Remove outdated/unmaintained Python and sftp examples
- Update README and rename license to more generic COPYING
- Rename header guards according to C++ standard
- Fix a few crashes related to using old usbmuxd daemon and broken pair
- Fix out of tree build
- Fix leaking socket handles by properly closing them
- Check for validity of socket file descriptor
- Properly handle segmented send/receive situations to improve reliability
Version 1.0.9
* Changes:
- Avoid SIGPIPE where possible
- Plugged several memory leaks and invalid frees
- Fixed concurrency issues caused by tag mismatch
- Added new interface functions for pair record management via usbmuxd:
- usbmuxd_read_pair_record()
- usbmuxd_save_pair_record()
- usbmuxd_delete_pair_record()
- usbmuxd_read_buid()
- Made libplist dependency (and thus protocol v1 support) mandatory
- Improved usbmuxd_get_device_list() with new ListDevices usbmuxd command
- Fix various memory leaks
- Add libusbmuxd_set_use_inotify() to control inotify support (Linux)
- Add libusbmuxd_set_debug_level() to enable debugging
- Fixed WIN32 (MinGW) build
This is the first release after the usbmuxd/libusbmuxd project split.