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Name: libxml
Version: 2.7.7
License: MIT
License File: src/Copyright
Security Critical: yes
The src/ directory contains a partial snapshot of the libxml library
with the patches in the patches/ directories applied.
See the files in that directory for discussion of their effects.
Current version: 2.7.7.
- Converted to utf-8 with: vim +"argdo write ++enc=utf-8" *.c
- Import XPath fix
- Import follow-on for above commit:
- Import additional XPath fix
- Import follow-on fix for above commit:
- And a follow-on fix to the previous two fixes, committed upstream: (slightly differently, but we can drop our local fix on the next roll).
- Add a fix for handling of unknown namespaces, commit upstream is pending.
- Add fixes for ending the parse properly if a SAX callback calls xmlStopParser(), commit upstream is pending.
- Add fix for entities, commit upstream is
- Import UTF-8 fix from upstream:
- Import XPath fix
- Merge clang warning fix
- Add a fix for proper escaping of xpointer expressions, commit upstream is pending.
- Add helper classes in chromium/ and chromium/include/libxml/libxml_utils.h.
- Add a tweak to limit problems caused by excessive strings and buffers.
- Change the xmlNs struct a little bit, so it looks like it has no children
if treated as a generic xmlNode object.
- Fix pretty harmless use-after-free in generate-id function.
- Merge a clang warning fix
- Import attribute normalization fix
- Merge a redundant comparison fix
- Merge a redundant comparisons fix
- Merge XML_PARSER_EOF checks and
- Prevent snprintf from being defined as _snprintf on VS 2015.
- Make ucrt of Win10 SDK not define POSIX error codes.
- Delete/disable nanoftp and nanohttp.
To import a new snapshot of libxml:
- Visit and download the latest source
- Copy the files into this directory, omitting files which have been omitted
here. E.g.: for i in $(find . -type f); do cp ../libxml-newver/$i $i; done
This should clobber all local changes to this directory.
- Apply the patches in patches/ and fix any problems.
- On a Linux system,
$ cd linux
$ ../configure --without-iconv --without-ftp --without-http
to generate config.h and include/libxml/xmlversion.h for Linux.
- On a Mac,
$ cd mac
$ ../configure --without-iconv --without-ftp --without-http
to generate config.h and include/libxml/xmlversion.h for Macs.
- On Windows, run build/generate-win32-headers.bat to re-generate config.h and
include/libxml/xmlversion.h for Windows builds.
- Update this README to reflect the new version number.